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10 Best TVs to Buy in 2020

The task of buying a new TV seems to be getting more difficult every day. There are many acronyms, functions, models and technologies that confuse our heads and complicate the moment of choosing the most suitable device for the use we will make and within the price we are willing to pay. To make your choice easier, we have listed the best TVs to buy in 2020 according to different categories and budgets.

Here on the blog we have a text about what you need to know before buying a TV, so now we present a list with the best TVs to buy in 2020 according to the level of cost. At the end of the description of each model you will find the best price ever found on the for these models. Remember that values ​​can fluctuate and become even more attractive with the arrival of Black Friday.

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Best TVs to buy in 2020

Budget low

In this price category you can find a maximum of 32-inch TV with HD image quality or 39-inch TV in Full HD and some TVs with smart technology, but far from the best operating systems and features of intermediate smart TVs. The configuration of the entry-level TVs is more than enough for consumers who just want a model with a good image, basic configurations and an affordable price. This part of the list is for those looking for just a cheap TV on Black Friday.

Panasonic Full HD TC-40FS500b

But an affordable model, with Full HD resolution, but which still has good image quality for a secondary TV or for those on a budget. The model has 43 inches, good size for resolution, thin edges that expand the immersion and mirroring of the smartphone screen on the TV. The Panasonic model has the main applications already installed like Youtube and Netflix, in addition to being an economical option for consoles of the previous generation with playing games in Full HD like Playstation 4 base and Xbox One S.

The model has been available here for R $ 1,500

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Sony KDL-43W665F

Still in the category of TVs with more affordable price, we find more advanced models and with more options of features among the Sony TVs. An example is the Smart TV KDL-43W665F from Sony. With a 43-inch Full HD LED screen, Sony TV is made with a robust and long-lasting body and offers images with good resolution when compared to televisions of the same price range.

The Miracast feature that makes it possible to mirror the screens of cell phones, tablets and computers on your TV without the need for an HDMI cable is also available on the model. With the W655D, Sony offers a good resolution-quality TV option for watching streaming movies, Blu-ray and games. The negative point of the device is the quality of the sound system, with only 10 W.

Sony TV KDL-43W665F already been available on the by R $ 1,500.

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AOC Roku TV 43S51195

The great asset of TV AOC is the Roku TV operating system that integrates the various streaming services available today and organizes content by subjects such as films and series. In this way it is much easier to find what you are looking for in the midst of so many applications present on smart TVs, finding where the movie is and eliminating the search in each service.

With Roku TV it is also possible to control the TV through the cell phone thanks to the dedicated application, in addition to facilitating screen mirroring. AOC TV is basic, but with good quality, Full HD resolution and 43 inch screen.

The 43-inch Roku TV was already available here on the R $ 1,124.

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Intermediate budget

For consumers willing to pay a little more to purchase a new TV, who insist on better features and technological innovations in sound, connectivity and mainly image (after all we are talking about TV sets), there is a wide range of options between intermediate televisions. 4K image resolution, which is up to 4 times sharper than Full HD, and functional smart platforms are among the attributes of TVs in a price range from R $ 1,900 to R $ 4,000 reais.

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Samsung TU8000

Among the novelties of the TU8000 in relation to previous Samsung models is the new Crystal processor capable of offering even better results in the upscaling and fluidity of the Tizen operating system. The model remains a good option for games, especially the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles thanks to the very low input lag.

Samsung's 4K entry-level TV is also quite complete in terms of voice command options, as it is compatible with Amazon's Alexa, ideal for also controlling other connected devices, and with Samsung's own Bixby.

In addition to bluetooth which is very useful for using headphones or even for playing on the TV's smart system using a console control, the TU8000 is also compatible with Wi-Fi 5.0 internet networks that reach higher speeds.

The 50-inch TU8000 has already been available here on the R $ 2,100.

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LG UN8000

The UN8000 is the best option from LG for those who want to enter the world of 4K resolution with quality and without financial losses. The model is also a great option in terms of cost-benefit, with a 43 or 50 inch HDR LED screen and Upscaling to bring non-native content to 4K resolution.

LG's rather pleasant webOS is the TV's operating system which is also compatible with LG's AI voice control and AI artificial intelligence. With it it is possible to program the shutdown of the TV, open applications and search for information about the content. This is thanks to the Smart Magic control that comes in the box and can still be used as a wireless mouse.

The LG UN8000 is also compatible with Google Assistant to even manage other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Another differential of the UN8000 is the 4 HDMI inputs, two of which are standard 2.1 and suitable for the new Playstation 5 and Xbox consoles. Series in the version with screen from 75 inches.

Here at LG UN8000 it was already available for R $ 1993.

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Sony X805G

Another Sony model launching in 2019, the X805G is an intermediate TV with 4K resolution, support for HDR 10 and competent upscaling for non-native content in 4K resolution. The IPS panel available in 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches guarantees a wide viewing angle, although it does not have blacks as good as in TVs with OLED or QLED technology.

The operating system of Smart TV is Android TV, also present in the most expensive models of the brand and which guarantees access to the same library of applications and voice commands through Google Assistant. The TV also communicates with Amazon's smart speakers and therefore Alexa. As for connectivity, the TV has 4 HDMI inputs, 2 on the sides and 2 on the back of the TV, and 3 USB inputs.

The average price of the Sony X805G is R $ 3,498.

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Big budget

The group of devices presented from now on has much of what is most modern in Smart TVs today. More than image quality in 4K resolution, devices in this price range feature screens with OLED or QLED technology, capable of displaying contrasts and tones rarely seen, fluid operating systems and a high degree of connectivity. Of course the price is less affordable, but your room will never be the same.

Sony X955G

This model arrives to occupy a place on the shelf of high-end 4K TVs. It features an LCD screen with selective LED drive technology that allows you to lighten or darken individual areas of the screen according to the demand of the scenes on display, improving the contrast level.

The audio from the TV comes from two speakers located at the rear of the Sony TV and which promise to bring even more immersion to the watched content. The design is discreet, with an extremely thin screen and cable organizer at the rear to couple the wires and keep the environment less visually polluted.

The TV's Smart system is Android TV compatible with voice command via Google Assistant and thanks to the device's processing runs without any difficulty. Sony TV also supports pairing with Amazon's Alexa artificial intelligence.

The average price of the Sony X955G Smart TV is R $ 6,900

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Samsung Q80T

Largest seller of TV sets in Brazil, Samsung has a line with great options also in the segment of high-end TVs. Among the prominent models is the Samsung Q80T, QLED TV with 4K resolution that offers incredible results. They are defined image contours and realism in the vividness of colors and tones.

The QLED projector, in addition to offering image quality to please even the most demanding consumers, also has technology Direct Full Array, which regulates the backlighting of the device's screen by regions to allow points that should be darker to show the most intense black or natural gray that the scene requires.

The Q80T is also a great option for games, as its game mode that reduces response time, adjusts screen brightness and refresh rate, in addition to having an HDMI 2.1 input

The device is ideal for users who, in addition to a high-quality TV, value visually cleaner environments. The Samsung model features a design that organizes the cables connected to the TV and prevents them from being exposed, helping in the organization and decoration of the environment.

The 55-inch Samsung Q80T was once available here on the R $ 3,999.

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After LG B9 and C9, LG once again brought to the market one of the best TVs of 2020, the LG CX with OLED screen and with the exception of the high price, practically has no defects. The LG CX is one of the best TVs for games today with its 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs and compatibility with the main technologies present in the new consoles.

The webOS operating system remains fluid, easy to use, even more so with the Smart Magic control. The CX is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa virtual assistants, making it unlikely that any smart device cannot receive voice commands through your TV.

The predicates of OLED screens are already known, with their operation through individually illuminated pixels that present the best level of contrast possible. The LG CX has a native refresh rate of 120 Hz, compatibility with HDR10 standards, and Dolby Vision and among the new features present on LG's premium TV is Sports Alerts and notifies the viewer whenever their team is playing.

Here at the 65 inch LG CX it was already available for R $ 10,600

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Budget the sky is the limit

The highest resolution quality available today is on the 8K screens. Although 4K resolution has not yet reached its peak of adherence, mainly in Brazil, and most of the series and film content are still produced in the previous resolution, the technology is already available and has recently arrived in Brazil. It is evident that prices are still very high, but with the arrival of new models in the country the values ​​will become lower over time.

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Samsung QLED Q800T 8K

Featuring the maximum level of detail and resolution at 8K, the model with four times the number of pixels than 4K TVs is more than ideal for larger screens. What could be one of the problems in purchasing a TV with new resolution technology is mitigated by Samsung by equipping the Q950T with the feature AI Upscaling, which improves content produced at lower resolution, transforming it into content with quality close to 8K resolution. But it is clear that in the near future a good part of the audiovisual productions will already be carried out in the resolution present in the device.

The 8K screen, which already displays lush images on its own, is enhanced by the Samsung model through the 16x Direct Full Array functionality that provides great levels of contrast and balance between light and dark tones by adjusting the screen brightness scene by scene.

The already mentioned effect burn-in QLED and OLED screens are no problem in view of the 10-year insurance offered by Samsung for screens of this model. The possibility of combining the TV with the rest of your home decor has also been expanded with the ambient mode 3.0 functionality that allows the selection of themes or the customization of images that best match the environment in which the TV is located.

Perhaps the only current disadvantage of the model is the price, which is only available to a few consumers, but with the democratization of 8K technology, which is still restricted, the trend is that the values ​​will be viable for a larger portion of the population.

The current average price of the Samsung Q800T is R $ 12,000

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In you find special prices in TVs of all models, sizes and with the best technologies. Also take advantage of our mobile promotions and be sure to use a discount coupon to pay even less.

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