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32 inch TV still worth it? HD models that do the job

HD resolution TVs were once the big innovation in terms of image quality. Time has passed, other technologies have emerged, but the 32-inch TV with HD resolution is still available for sale and with some features present in TVs with more advanced technology. But is it still worth buying a TV with HD resolution? The answer to that question and the best 32 inch TVs you can find in the next lines.

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32 inch HD TV worth it? It depends

In view of the popularization of 4K TVs with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels that allows the use of screens with 75 and 88 inches without losing quality or even in comparison to images with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, the initial reaction is to discard face screens with HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a modest 32 inches. And in fact, in most cases buying an HD TV is not worth it.

However, some features of devices with HD image resolution can make them interesting for specific situations and environments. The first aspect is the price. If you search for the cheapest TVs today, certainly the models with the lowest price are HD, due to the lower image quality than current 4K TVs, although the HD resolution on a 32 inch TV is not bad.

32 inch TVs can be very useful for smaller environments like rooms in small houses and apartments. I would like to have a second TV to watch in the bedroom, but give up the best possible image in exchange for paying much less for it? HD TV can be an alternative. Even the latest models are smart, with the main streaming applications and some models even have artificial intelligence.

HD TVs can also be used to increase small businesses and add entertainment and distraction to customers and visitors, without prioritizing exquisite image quality, but also without embezzling your business accounts. To play music, show football or the news to customers who probably don't care about incredible image and immersive audio, a new HD TV can be a solution.

In short, it is difficult to recommend the purchase of an HD TV as the main TV set in your home, but 32-inch TVs can be good secondary TVs for the bedroom, kitchen and professional environments and undemanding consumption of images, spending less than 1 thousand reais.

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Best 32 inch TVs

HD TVs are still found for sale with ease. They are recent models with interesting features such as advanced smart system, HDR for improving images and even artificial intelligence.

Check out a list with the best 32 inch TV and HD resolution for each brand, add the model you want to buy to your wish list and be informed when the model is on sale, especially during Black Friday which presents great opportunities to save.

Panasonic TC-32FS500B

A brand respected for the quality of its TVs is Panasonic and the best 32 inch TV from the manufacturer has interesting features. In addition to the elegant and discreet design with thin edges, the Panasonic HD TV is Smart and comes with Netflix and Youtube installed. The TV has 7 image profile options, such as Dynamic, Movie and stadium and the refresh rate is 60Hz.

Best price for Panasonic HD TV was not R $ 739.90.

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Sony KDL 32W655D

Sony is renowned for the quality of its TVs and this is the case for its entry-level models with HD resolution. The Sony KDL 32 inch 10w audio power TV, is a smart TV with Linux operating system and has mirroring the cell phone screen on the TV and has an unusual option on TVs that is the FM radio, but that can be useful for appliances that will stay in the kitchen, for example.

The best 32 inch TV from Sony was already available on the por R $ 800.00.

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Samsung 32 ″ J4290

Another model that may be a good choice for smaller budgets is the Samsung J4290 which despite having only one HDMI input has an LED screen, mirroring the smartphone screen on the TV, Samsung's own Tizen TV operating system that is highly praised for its usability and Wide Color Enhance color enhancement technology.

Samsung's Smart TV has already been available for R $ 809.00.

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One of the highlights of LG TVs is the presence of ThinQ AI artificial intelligence which, through voice commands made by the remote control, is able to provide information, open channels and much more. This feature is present on the LM625B TV, which also has the most updated version of the webOS operating system, one of the most complete on the market. Navigation by the smart system can be similar to a mouse with the Smart Magic remote control or by cell phone with the LG TV Plus app.

Although it is an entry-level TV, the LG LM625B has HDR for image enhancement and is also able to control other connected devices in the house via voice command.

LG's 32-inch HD resolution HD TV has already been available for R $ 781.00.

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Roku arrived in Brazil through a partnership with OAC, equipping two devices from the manufacturer with the Roku TV operating system. One of these devices is on this list for being 32 inches and HD resolution. The Roku operating system works by adding streaming services for easier navigation and comes with the main applications installed.

The Roku Mobile smartphone application is free and in addition to allowing direct sharing of photos, videos and music to the TV screen, it allows the cell phone to be used as a TV remote control.

The best price ever recorded for the 32-inch Roku TV was R $ 823.00.

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The best TV deals are on. Models of all sizes and with the most advanced technologies can keep the price even lower by taking advantage of some discount coupon, such as an Amazon coupon.

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