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5 boxes of books to gift and surprise at Christmas

Christmas has not yet arrived, but some people are already preparing and researching the best products to give to people they like. If you have a lover of literature in your circle of friends or family, but you are not sure what kind of book fits his literary taste, follow this article. We have separated options for book boxes to present on the date. They are classic, dystopian, mystery works and even a comic to please different tastes.

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1 – Anne of Green Gables

Box with Anne's first three books | Authentic Edition

This is a series of classic novels that tells the story of Anne Shirley, an eleven-year-old orphan girl who was accidentally adopted by a couple of single country brothers. What enchants in the story is that the character is intense, imaginative and sincere, in addition to having ideals well ahead of her time.

While in the late 19th and early 20th centuries women are prepared for etiquette, marriage and children classes, Anne wants to study hard, go to college and has a lot of questions about marriage and motherhood. She is very questioning and talkative (which can be irritating at times), but her questions revolve around society and the (little) space of women in her.

Altogether, the series currently has 13 books published by Ciranda Cultural, which follow Anne's life from 11 to 53 years old, but this is not the best edition of the work that can be found on the market. Personally, I bought and thought that the sheets are not of very high quality, in addition to the books not being the same height, which is a little strange on the shelf. As I researched, the editions of the publisher Autêntica are more beautiful and well finished to give away.

Another interesting fact is that the first book in the series was adapted for Netflix, with the name Anne with E (Anne with an E, in the original). There are some differences between the works, some characters that appear on the screens, but not on the pages, which makes the work even more reflective and thought-provoking. However, Anne's essence can still be seen and appreciated in either.

2 – The Hunger Games

Box of the trilogy + The Song of the Birds and the Snakes

Leaving the classic works and going to dystopias, we have the Hunger Games trilogy. The story takes place in a different social organization, when North America no longer exists and another society formed by 12 districts called Panem appears.

Panem is controlled and commanded by the Capital, which demonstrates its power in the most perverse ways possible, not only promoting a poor and very hungry society. They also hold the Hunger Games every year, a kind of annual competition broadcast live on television and screens. At the Games, a boy and girl from each district (between 12 and 18 years old) gather to fight to the death. There can be only one "winner".

In the first book, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to participate in the competition, to take the place of her younger sister and prevent her from being another victim. How far will she be willing to go and what will she face to win the games?

When reading not only the Hunger Games, but the whole trilogy and the prelude A Cantiga dos Pássaros and Serpentes, it is important to think and focus not only on the Games, but mainly on the political plot involved; how Panem manipulates society so that it cannot stop watching the massacre and how it is seen as a form of entertainment, because the taxes (as people who go to the arena participate in the murderous competition) are so good received and treated so well before the fight started and this universe of power in general.

Currently, there are several editions of the trilogy to choose from, but for now the one that most matches the prelude to the series is the one that was originally released, which we leave in the photo. The Hunger Games also won a film adaptation, but in a feature film, not a serial.

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3 – Alice in Wonderland

Alice's box with coloring book

This is another classic of literature and was chosen for our list of book boxes as a gift for Christmas because it allows different interpretations of the same story: both a more literal, imaginative and childlike one, as well as a more profound and reflective one about the characters and processes of maturity that Alice goes through during the narrative.

In the story, she is awakened and wakes up from a sleep by a rabbit that is always watching the clock and worried about delays. He talks a lot and wears funny clothes. Alice decides to follow him, ends up falling into a hole and that's where she enters Wonderland, where the story takes place. She will meet the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the Laughing Cat and other iconic characters.

In the box that we separated, both the book Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Mirror are present, and yet another one for coloring (in the editions of the Pandorga publisher). There is also another box, from publisher 34, which takes only the first two books. In addition to these, there are several other editions of the stories, but they are sold individually.

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4 – Sherlock Holmes

If the person you are going to gift likes mystery, investigation and crime solving, why not invest in Sherlock Holmes' stories? He is the most beloved detective in London, along with his friend Dr. Watson. Holmes, a character created by Arthur Conan Doyle, investigates Victorian England cases and wins over readers for his intuitive, creative and crafty way, always paying attention to the smallest details that we don't take into account.

To give as a gift for Christmas, we recommend the box by HarperCollins, which presents the complete work in four different books, all in hard cover.

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5 – Complete Peanuts

Complete Peanuts – Volumes 1 and 2

We couldn't help but put a comic book on the list, so we automatically remember Peanuts. The difference between the editions we have separated is that, in addition to being luxury, super neat and hardcover, they reveal the evolution of Charles Schulz's line, since the project (in all) brings together the 50 years of publication of the strips.

In addition to being a practically universal work, it is very difficult that someone does not identify at any time with the characters of Charlie Brown's class. Therefore, we recommend giving a comic book lover the first two volumes of the work, even if he does not know them. It will provide lots of laughs and the opportunity to feel a warm heart, but at the same time it will open up to questions and social and political criticism.

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Now that you know some boxes of books to give for Christmas, take a look at our book promotions to buy cheap! With an American coupon or Submarine coupon, you save even more!

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