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5 electronics to buy on Cyber ​​Monday

For those who did not find what they were looking for a good price during Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or Second Cybernetics, is the ideal day to find electronics for a more affordable price. With the year-end news hitting the shelves, it is interesting for both shopkeepers to stock up on old products to receive new ones, and for consumers, who can shop with a good deal.

5 electronics to buy on Cyber ​​Monday

Those who know the famous discount Monday, already know what to look for in the day's offers, but those who still don't know much about the date, can rest assured: the is here to help you. We selected 5 products to buy on Cyber ​​Monday that can appear with more affordable prices or advantageous discounts.

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TWS headset

electronics to buy on cyber monday

If you searched for a TWS headset during Black Friday and found nothing, today is the day to find a good model for a more affordable price. Whether listening to your music, podcasts or series, a good headset is essential when it comes to relaxing, chatting with friends or being totally focused on an important task.

Headphones with TWS technology (True Wireless Stereo), are capable of reproducing audio with high quality, besides guaranteeing more immersion to your activities. The Sony WF-1000XM3 model, for example, is equipped with a 6 mm drive and DSEE HX technology, to play music with good equalization. It has a discrete design, with a battery of up to 8 hours (with active noise cancellation).

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Robot vacuum cleaner

electronics to buy on cyber monday

A very desired electronic device, especially for those who need to clean the house frequently, whether because of dust or pet hair. The robot vacuum cleaner is a great ally in home cleaning and if you are looking for one to give you that strength at home, this is an item that cannot be missing from your wish list. It can be found in the most varied models and brands, with different features and price ranges.

The Fast Clean, model from Mondial, which appeared on our list of best robot vacuum cleaners, has adequate performance to clean everyday dirt. It has two rotating brushes for corners and motion sensors. The device has an average price of R $ 400 and is an excellent purchase this Monday.

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Amazon Fire Stick

electronics to buy on cyber monday

Fire Stick is a TV media center that, when connected to the internet, allows you to play streaming channels and even run applications natively. With integration with Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, the Fire Stick allows accessing streaming channels with more agility and practicality, since the device allows the use of voice commands to search and launch programs on Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube.

The device costs around R $ 350, but has already been found on the R $ 236.55.

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Cell phones

electronics to buy on cyber monday
electronics to buy on cyber monday

Cell phones are the favorites during this time of year, and if you were unable to purchase the model you were looking for during Black Friday, you can still find some high-end models, such as the iPhone 12. The new generation of Apple smartphones comes with OLED screen, which gives more contrast and precision, with darker tones and high resolution. In addition to having support for 5G, MagSafe technology and 15w charging.

But it is also possible to find more modest models on this Cyber ​​Monday, like Xiaomi's Redmi Note 9, which appeared today for R $ 1,001.78.

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Smart Speaker

electronics to buy on cyber monday

A product still not very popular in Brazil, Smart Speakers are small speakers that, when they receive an order by voice command, can play music, read the latest news of the day or remind you of your appointments.

In this Cyber ​​Monday it is possible to find different models, from the most affordable ones, in the range of R$ 600, even high-end models, which can reach R $ 1,399.00, such as the Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker.

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If you are looking for one of these products, but you can't find the best offer, add your Wish List and we will let you know as soon as a good promotion appears. For greater discounts, take advantage of our discount coupons.

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