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5 reasons to buy a smartband this Black Friday

Smartbands, also known as smart bracelets, are devices widely used by those looking for basic resources that help measure their performance in aspects such as sleep or number of steps.

And its use should still grow a lot in Brazil: according to consultancy IDC, 168,680 smartbands were sold in the country between January and March this year, a number 321% compared to last year.

And why is this device so successful? Of course, choosing a bracelet depends a lot on the needs and profile of each person, but there are some that make this product a very attractive purchase option for this Black Friday – or, at least, an item worth keeping an eye on.

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1. Monitor health

One of the main positive points of purchasing a smart bracelet is the access to health resources such as step count and sleep time / quality, in addition to the feature that warns you if you stay too long – a very useful tool in times of home office.

Although smartwatches have more features and some with more sophisticated analysis, smartbands can be a great purchase both to learn the initial health functions (and, perhaps in the future, to switch to another device) and to arouse interest in adopting measures that guarantee a more balanced life.

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2. Battery

One of the most autonomous electronics today, the battery of smart wristbands can stay up to 1 week away from a charger, if continuous use functions such as heart rate monitoring are disabled.

And even the recharging experience leaves nothing to be desired: in less than 2 hours it is possible to leave the device with 100% charge and with “disposition” for another week of uninterrupted work.

3. Additional functions

The health features are, in fact, the best known of the smartbands, but these devices have other features that make the user experience even better: from weather information to music control via Bluetooth, these add-ons make the user experience even better. if you have a smart bracelet.

4. Resistance

Mi Band 3

Did you drop the smartband right on the floor? Quiet. The bracelet came loose and the device fell into the kitchen sink full of water? No problems either.

Because they are used mainly in physical activity practices, most of these devices have certifications that make them resistant to normal falls and contact with water.

In addition to increasing the durability of these devices, knowing that you have a relatively "stout" device provides a peace of mind that we unfortunately do not yet have with smartphones, in which each fall causes a small tachycardia.

5. Cost-effective

With prices between R $ 50 to R $ 250, smart wristbands can serve as an entry device for those who want to pay more attention to health for a much more affordable price than smartwatches.

Of course, the watches have more sophisticated features and functionality that are not present in the bracelets, for those who want to "explore the terrain" before making a more significant investment, these electronics can very competently present the advantages that justify a larger purchase. Or even make you a fan of smartbands.

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