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5 reasons to buy a smartwatch this Black Friday

The pioneer of wearable devices, the smartwatch, or smart watch, is a product that is gaining more and more relevance due to the number of functions that are being included in the device, in addition to aspects such as design and its increasing independence from the smartphone.

But you can't ignore the fact that this product costs a very significant amount, even if we consider the promotions that should happen on Black Friday. To help those who want to better understand the differentials of a smartwatch to decide whether to invest, we present below some of the aspects that the smart watch has the best and that makes your purchase really worthwhile.

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1. Health resources

There's no way: health features are the main reason why people buy a smart watch.

From simpler functions, such as step counting and measuring sleep, to more sophisticated uses, such as the oximeter (which measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood) and the electrocardiogram, the device really offers resources that can be valuable for well-being .

2. Native applications

As they are more elaborate, smartwatches have native applications, which translating in a simple way are resources developed especially for the watch and not “mirrored” of the smartphone, via Bluetooth. In this way, it is possible to use them without the aid of another device.

There are applications for smartwatches that fulfill the most diverse functions. Some examples: weather, notes, receiving and sending messages, access to social networks and even requesting a run.

3. More structured design

samsung smartwatch

These products are different from smartbands mainly because they have more options of shapes (rounded or square) and with the possibility of customizing the bracelet or even the sides of the device.

Although many people do not see any advantage in this aspect, it is worth remembering that it can be very useful for those who like to "harmonize" the device with the type of clothing you are wearing or for a specific occasion.

4. GPS reinvented

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<p>The location feature proves to be very useful especially for those who use the smartwatch to practice physical exercises such as running and swimming, since it can measure the kilometers traveled or swam much more accurately.</p>
<p>For those who really have sport as an important part of life – an amateur athlete, for example – there are devices much more focused on monitoring sports and, therefore, with an even more sophisticated GPS. If you fit that profile, it may be worth the investment.</p>
<h2><strong>5. Make and receive calls</strong></h2>
<p>Another point in the evolution of watches that has become a great advantage is the ability to make and receive calls directly on the device. </p>
<p>Of course, any smartphone performs this function in a much more complete and comfortable way, but the fact that smartwatches now offer this option has made the use of the product much more useful for users, which helps to justify the purchase of an item that costs considerable value.</p>
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