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5 reasons to invest in Olympikus shoes on Black Friday

Choosing sports shoes to buy is not an easy task. We have to take into account the activity we are going to practice, the technologies and the type of comfort that footwear offers, in addition to the price and, why not, his brand. Thinking about it, we separated five reasons to try to show you why you should invest in an Olympikus sneaker, especially on this Black Friday, the biggest date for promotions and discounts in Brazil. All of this in partnership with the brand.

It is also worth noting that the reasons are not in order of relevance or preference.

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1 – Olympikus is Brazilian

Olympikus is the largest sports brand in Brazil. Founded in 1975, today it belongs to the Vulcabras-Azaleia group and is present not only here, in 12 thousand different points of sale and also on the website and app, but in all the countries of South America. Known for encouraging sports and manufacturing and selling sneakers for different types of sportsmen, the brand has a regular note in Reclame Aqui, in the online store.

We checked the website's indexes and found that: 96.2% of complaints were answered and the solution rate was 79.5%. It is worth remembering that these numbers are not only related to the sale of sneakers, but to any other sporting goods available on the website: t-shirts, pants, shorts, backpacks, socks, etc.

Therefore, if you are an enthusiast of the national market and want to favor the Brazilian production chain, this can be an interesting reason to bet on Olympikus.

2 – Features sneakers for different sportsman profiles

If you do a quick search on the brand's website, you will notice that the focus of Olympikus is running shoes, for training and gym, and casual shoes, for daily use or a light walk, for example. This means that it caters for different sports profiles, whether they are beginners or already used to the type of activity they practice.

In fact, a model of the brand's sneakers appeared in our text for the best running shoes: the Olympikus Hype, which was selected for ensuring more stability. These specific shoes can be used for walking or running lighter.

Likewise, the model Olympikus Diffuse 3 appeared on the list of best walking shoes: it stands out for the breathability it provides to the foot, comfort and softness.

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3 – It has competitive prices, especially when on sale

Another advantage of Olympikus is to present competitive prices and shoes with lower prices for consumers, especially when shoes are on sale. The female version of Olympikus Hype, which we have already mentioned, has already appeared here at R $ 99.99.

A model that we haven't mentioned yet, the Olympikus Ultraleve, also appeared in a recent promotion for R $ 108.73, on the brand's website. It is on our list of best sneakers and is known for its light weight: it weighs only 130 grams.

4 – Technologies guarantee softness and safety when walking

Image: Facebook OlympĂ­kus

If you are looking for a soft sports shoe that gives you security when walking, training, running or walking, here's another reason to bet on Olympikus. Technologies like EVA Sense and EVA SensePlus guarantee a softer sole, made of EVA, to provide maximum cushioning and health for your feet, since you can lower (for example, at the gym), without worrying about the impact.

Other technologies developed by Olympikus for its shoes that we can mention are: Covergrid, which makes the upper of the tennis shoe (all the part that involves the foot, together with the tongue) to be rubberized, to ensure more stability and avoid twisting the foot; and Hypersox, which provides flexibility and breathability in the foot for treading.

It is important to highlight that not all technologies are present in all sneakers and they vary according to the purpose of the shoes.

5 – The brand encourages Brazilian runners and sportsmen

Perhaps this is a more social reason to bet on Olympikus, but it is also very relevant. The brand invests in Brazilian events, runners and sportsmen. A more recent example was the sponsorship of the Rio Marathon, which this year took place virtually, through connectivity with various applications and activity recording devices. The kilometers run were converted into United Program initiatives against the Covid-19 by FioCruz.

In addition, in 2014 it sponsored Cruzeiro Esporte Clube and in 2009, the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.

Now that you know some reasons to invest in an Olympikus sneaker this Black Friday, don't forget to keep an eye on our men's shoes and women's shoes promotions, in addition to using a discount coupon to save!

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