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5 reasons to invest in Under Armor shoes on Black Friday

If you are thinking of buying a sneaker this Black Friday, have already looked at what are the best brands of sports sneakers, but still not convinced about which one to choose, follow this post. Today, we are going to list five reasons to invest in an Under Armor shoe, in partnership with the brand.

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Why choose Under Armor shoes on Black Friday?

1 – Tennis shoes available for different sports and training

If you are looking for a men's tennis shoe to practice your favorite sport, Under Armor will find models for field football, American football, basketball, running and training, such as gym or crossfit. If the search is for women's tennis, the options are for running, training and sportstyle, a type of tennis that can be used both in everyday life and in the gym for dance classes, going to the gym or running. The expression “sportstyle” comes from the combination of the words “sport” and lifestyle ”, which in Portuguese means lifestyle.

2 – Shoes are well praised by consumers

If you browse the Under Armor promotions here at, you will see that sneakers are well praised by consumers. Some considerations of users in the comments are: the sneakers have good cushioning, are light and comfortable. However, a recommendation from them (which is also on the brand's website) is to buy a larger number of shoes than you are used to (37 or instead of 36, for example), because the shape is a little smaller.

In Reclame Aqui, the score of the online store is regular, reaching 6.4 points. 99.9% of complaints were answered and the solution rate was 81.3%.

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3 – The brand presents good cost-benefit

Another consideration about Under Armor sneakers is cost-effectiveness. As they are durable, made with materials to ensure cushioning, comfort and performance in any activity without having to pay exorbitant prices, it is always interesting to keep an eye on the brand's models. One of the technologies that we can mention, which guarantees this characteristic, is the Charged Cushioning, present in some models of the brand.

4 – Features sneakers that help you monitor your run

Under Armor has a specific model of sneakers that helps you to monitor physical activity, since it is synchronized with the Map My Run application, which measures the runs. The name is HOVR Infinite and is available in both male and female versions. Whoever plays the role of recording all the information you will see in the app is a chip, already embedded in the shoes.

Suitable for neutral footing, the HOVR Infinite has a mesh structure, to give breathability to the shoes; ergonomic EVA insole, which reduces the chance of slippage by adjusting well to the feet; and rubber sole, to cover high impact areas and give greater durability to the shoes. The sneaker drop is 8mm and it weighs 249 grams.

5 – You can buy sneakers and pay even cheaper

One last advantage of Under Armor is the brand presenting a page with only outlet products, including sneakers. These are cheaper products than normal, because they are from previous collections or models. Even so, they have the same quality as the new ones.

Furthermore, here in we curate all Under Armor items that enter our platform, whether they are outlet or not. If they are on a really good promotion, it will be approved for you to enjoy and save.

Be sure to take advantage of Under Armor promotions to find your favorite brand shoes! Using discount coupons, like an Under Armor coupon, will save you even more!

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