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7 best in-ear headphones to buy in 2020

In-ear headphones (or in-ear, in English) are known for their structure, which keeps the earphone inside the ear, generating a good sound experience in a smaller product than over-the-ear headphones (over ear) . Therefore, these devices ended up winning an increasing number of fans.

For those who want to purchase a headset of this type, but do not have references, we bring below some examples of in-ear products for people with different preferences and budgets.

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How do we choose the best in-ear headphones?

Unfortunately, we did not have access to the headphones to do a battery of tests on each model. To make the selection of the best in-ear headphones below, we conducted an extensive search on websites, considering the following aspects: battery life, sound quality and additional resources.

With this point clarified, let's go to the selected devices:

1 – Sony WF-1000XM3

best in-ear headphones

From the TWS (True Wireless) class, the WF-1000XM3 is a Sony noise canceling headset – which activates “ambient sound” in open places, such as streets -, and a good “classic” noise cancellation, isolating with exterior sound efficiency thanks to the HD Noise-Canceling QN1e processor.

With autonomy of up to 8 hours, the device delivers a good experience with good bass, mid and treble and can also be used to activate voice assistant commands, presenting what was considered by many experts as the most cost-effective product of the its price range.

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2 – Jaybird X4

best in-ear headphones

With a focus on the public engaged in physical activities, the Jaybird X4 brings features that guarantee the resistance and comfort of the product in the practice of sports. With water resistance and an adjustable cable between the two ends and the headphones, so that it doesn't get in the way of running or cycling.

The X4's autonomy is eight hours on a full charge, and the product also supports the fast recharge feature: with ten minutes, it can last for about an hour.

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3 – Haylou GT2

best in-ear headphones

Xiaomi's partner wireless headset line comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which ensures faster transmission between the headset and the smartphone / tablet or other device, within a distance of up to 10 meters.

Speaking of autonomy, the device has a charge of 4 hours of uninterrupted use, and the battery can extend for another 15 hours when using the charger case.

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4 – Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

best in-ear headphones

Famous for its on-ear headphones, the German Sennheiser took advantage of the celebrations of its 75 years to launch its newest wireless headset true wireless. Better adjustable to the ear than the old model, with active noise cancellation functionality (which adapts to the environment) and personalized commands.

In addition to being a product resistant to water splashes (splashes, I heard? Don't even think about trying to swim with the pair). Adding the product charge with its case, it is possible to reach 28 hours of autonomy, and the product also has a fast charging function.

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5 – AirPods 2

Consumer darlings (and, let's face it, the product that made at least the fame of cordless headsets) AirPods also leave something to be desired when it comes to TWS products. With a noise cancellation seen as one of the best on the market, in addition to a unique compatibility with other apple products.

The latest version of these headphones has up to 24 hours of battery life when used in conjunction with the charger case.

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6 – Edifier X3

best in-ear headphones

With a great cost-benefit ratio, the Edifier X3 has an ergonomic design and Bluetooth 5.0, which guarantees a faster response between the smartphone and the sound reproduction. The ‘X3’ also has IPX5 protection, so the phone works even in sweat or rain, as well as compatibility with voice assistants from Apple and Google and personalized ringtones.

Out of the box, it is possible to use the product for up to 6 straight hours, time that jumps to 24 hours when accompanied by the charging case, which can hold up to three charges.

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7 – Philips Action Run Free

best in-ear headphones

Closing our list of best in-ear headphones with one more earpiece for the sports audience. The ‘Run Free’ has the biggest differential of its open acoustics, which allows sound to enter so that the user can perceive the surrounding environment (something very useful when running outdoors, such as streets).

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Its fit was designed to be comfortable and at the same time safe to use, while also being waterproof. Thus, the battery has up to 4 and a half hours of autonomy.

Find the best in-ear headphones deals and save even more by taking advantage of a discount coupon. Don't forget that Black Friday is coming, so prepare your Wish List.

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