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7 best individual blenders to buy in 2020

An individual blender can be a great option for preparing vitamins and taking in the morning, leaving your backup ready for the gym or even for those who live alone and do not prepare recipes. So much so that several brands invest in a product of this type. And if you want to know which are the best individual blenders among them, follow our list.

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How do we choose the best individual blenders?

In order to select the best individual blenders from our list, we mainly take into consideration the capacity of the jar in liters of each; then we consider the power and, finally, we order the models by price: starting with the fourth model, those with the lowest average price are better ranked and the most expensive are lower.

The individual Nutri Ninja Auto IQ blender is an exceptional model, but ended up last because of its low price. Unfortunately, we were unable to test the models in person, but we also consider user reviews to list the models.

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Best individual blenders to buy

Mallory B. Power

Mallory B. Power Blender and Processor

This is the first on our list of best individual blenders, because, on the whole, it was the one with the best characteristics. His panel is touch, so you can turn it on and off and use the mix function in turbo or pulse mode. In addition, it has a six-blade stainless steel knife and an accessory that grinds grains and herbs, for you to prepare drinks with the most diverse ingredients.

The blender also has two glasses, one with a liter capacity and the other that can hold 400ml of liquid, which are very resistant, made in tritan. The manufacturer reports that Mallory B. Power comes with lids to turn the glass into a squeeze, but this is not an exclusivity. The other individual blenders on our list are like that, too. As for the power, it has 1000W.

The average price for Mallory B. Power outside promotions is R $ 264.50.

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Mondial Pratic Shake Personal Blender

Second in the list due to the considerably lower power (only 300W) and the cups with also lower food storage capacity (750ml each cup – there are two in total), this Mondial blender is highly praised by consumers.

It features two speeds, plus the pulse function and also has stainless steel blades. Beat some unpeeled fruits, such as apples, quietly, but there is no indication on the performance of grinding grains on the website.

The average price of Mondial Pratic Shake Personal Blender outside of promotions is R $ 169.22.

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Cadence Blender Shake Up! Duo

This individual blender from Cadence has only one speed, but it also has two squeeze cups, like the previous models on our list. The difference is that they have a capacity of 600ml each.

Another important feature of this Cadence blender is the material: it is tritan, just like the first on the list, which even resists thermal shocks. In addition, there is no BPA in the composition (a type of plastic considered toxic and banned in bottles by the National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA). So if you have children or babies at home and want to whip up some food for them, it is also possible. It has 300W of power and the version is 110V.

The average price of Cadence Blender Shake Up! Duo off promotions is $ 148.88.

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Oster Blender MyBlend

Blender MyBlend 2 Oster Vases

Much like the Cadence blender, this Oster was one position down, because it is more expensive. In addition, it has 250W of power, slightly less compared to the previous one. Other than that, it also has two 600ml tritan jars and stainless steel blades for you to prepare hot and cold foods. It is also capable of crushing ice.

The average price of the Oster Blender MyBlend is $ 170.44.

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Fun Kitchen My Shaker

With an average price well below the others on our list, this appliance has a power of 300W, in addition to a 600ml jar (not two like the previous models of best individual blenders). Altogether, it has four crushing blades that handle fruits, herbs and ice. For those who want to start in the world of vitamins, fruit compounds and mixtures to do well in the gym, it can be a good entry product).

The average price of the Fun Kitchen My Shaker outside of promotions is $ 99.99.

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Electrolux Sport Blender

Electrolux Sport Blender BSE10 Blender

Also with 300W of power, this individual blender has a 700ml jar. Although its capacity is 100ml higher than the previous 600ml models, this Electrolux product has a higher average price, so it dropped a little in our ranking. It has 300W of power and the cup is also made in tritan. There is only one speed: you press the button and the fruit with the water or milk already starts to beat.

The average price of Electrolux Sport Blender outside promotions is R $ 196.10.

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Polishop Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

Ninja Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ

Last on our list due to the very high price compared to the other products analyzed, the differential of this individual blender is the fact that it grinds absolutely everything, including vegetables with stems. Thus, you can enjoy the maximum nutritional power of food.

It comes with a 600ml and 900ml glass and has 6 blades that guarantee performance for even dry ingredients (to crush them, you must use the pulse function). In addition, there are two other types of speed. The product also has 1000W of power.

The price of the product on the Polishop website is R $ 1025.89.

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Now that you know which are the best individual blenders to buy, take a look at our blender and mixer promotions to buy yours! Take advantage of Black Friday or a discount coupon to save even more!

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