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8 Best Gaming TVs to Buy in 2020

Text updated in October 2020.

The debate about which is the best console today goes far and gains new layers and protagonists with each generation, but which are the best TVs to play the current titles and the ones to come? With 4K TVs only increasing in number of models and increasingly accessible in terms of values, it is difficult to know which are the best TVs for games. However, we face this challenge, we went through all the phases of analysis and we beat the last boss to zero this issue.

Check out our list of the best gaming TVs and add the model you like best to your Wish List, as Black Friday is coming in mode easy for those who want to save money.

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How do you know a TV is good for games?

Before getting to know the devices, let's look at the features that make a TV good for games. The first is the input lag and is well known to regular players. The term can be explained as the response time between a command and the action on screen. The longer the interval between pressing the key on the control and performing the action on screen, the greater the input lag, which is not a good thing.

One item that gained a lot of importance with the arrival of new generation consoles is the standard HDMI 2.1 which allows running games on 4K resolution with HDR at 120 Hz.

Another important item for games is the refresh rate, responsible for bringing more fluidity to very fast images, a very common situation in games. All TVs in this list have a refresh rate of 120Hz, or 120 frames per second, also improving the sharpness of images.

Finally, we have the HDR, but not to be confused with the camera's HDR, although the goal is similar, which is to improve image quality. The high dynamic range provides an improvement in the brightness and contrast intensity of the images and the result is more balanced images on screen.

Best TV for games

LG SM9000

The SM9000 TV features an IPS screen with nanocell technology, or small crystals in the formation of pixels, capable of increasing the sharpness of images and peaks of brightness. In addition to the best images, factors that make the SM9000 a good gaming TV are its native 120 Hz refresh rate and low input lag of around 15.1 ms, according to LG.

The LG TV is available with a 55, 65 and 75 inch screen and still has great connectivity with 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs, ideal for new consoles for running 4K games at 120 frames per second. The SM 9000 also has Bluetooth 5.0, always useful for pairing headphones or soundbar. LG TV also supports voice commands.

Here at the 55-inch LG SM9000 it was already available for R $ 3,600

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Sony XBR-55X955G

Sony TVs have a reputation for not being so cheap, but at the same time have good durability. Stereotypes aside, the Sony X955G is a 2019 TV with great gaming performance. The frequency rate is 19.7 ms, at the limit of what is recommended for good performance, however in game mode the response delay drops to just 10.3 ms.

The frequency rate is 120 Hz and the X-Motion Clarity technology is able to maintain the sharpness and fluidity of fast scenes, a very common situation in games. HDR, on the other hand, transmits images with color tones close to what is seen by the human eye, giving an aspect of realism to the scene.

The 55-inch XBR-55X955G has already been found on the R $ 4,900.00.

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Samsung Q70T

Some Samsung models launched in 2020 arrived on the market prepared to offer a good gaming experience, as in the case of the Q70T, a QLED 4K TV with 120 HZ native panel and 4 HDMI inputs, however only one of them is 2.1 with game mode that supports games with variable refresh rate and HDR.

The Q70T's panel has automatic brightness adjustment and adapts to the ambient light conditions to offer better visibility and dimming location that makes use of blue LEDs in dark scenes and oranges in light scenes to reproduce a sharper contrast. The Samsung Q70T has versions with 55, 65, 75 and 87 inches.

Here at the lowest price ever recorded for the 55-inch Q70T was R $ 3,470

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Samsung Q80T

Also launched in 2020, the Q80T is Samsung's 4K TV that is among the best gaming TVs today. The TV has a native refresh rate of 120 Hz, being able to reach up to 240Hz artificially in game mode thanks to compatibility with the function Freesync that allows variable update rates. However, like the Q70T, the Q80T also enables game mode on only one of its 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs

Other interesting features of the Q80T are the split screen function for watching TV and mirroring the smartphone screen simultaneously. Samsung's TV is also complete in compatibility with personal assistants, responding to voice commands from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung's own Bixby, the three of which are already suitable for Portuguese.

The 55-inch Samsung Q80T was once available here on the R $ 3,999.

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With a sleek design and a thicker body than a 2020 smartphone, the LG B9 is a 2019 model that still remains among the best gaming TVs, already has 4 HDMI inputs, one of the factors that ensures the longevity of the TV for the next few years. Another good news for players is the low input-lag, just 12.9 ms.

Sound quality is good with the All sounds system that identifies the sound genre and adapts to the content with its surround system. The picture quality is also excellent with the well-known benefits of OLED TVs.

Available in 55 and 65 inch versions, the LG B9 55 inch has already been available here on the R $ 4,286.

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With over a year on the market, the LG C9 is a premium TV from LG with OLED screen and which still remains among the best TVs available in Brazil, including for games. Even before the announcement of the new consoles, the LG C9 was already equipped with 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs for high data transmission capacity, in addition to input lag of just 12.9 milliseconds.

Another item that is important in games and for content in general is the native 120Hz refresh rate. The model is still compatible with the main image enhancement technologies such as HDR 10 and Dolby Atmos, has support for the main virtual assistants by voice command.

Here at C9 it was already available for R $ 4,500

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LG is the brand with the best options for games in Brazil and if its 2019 premium TV led the list of best TV for games, the post in 2020 goes to CX, also from LG. The model maintains the appearance of its predecessor and evolves what was already very good for players on duty.

The 4 HDMI inputs of the LG CX are standard 2.1 to handle playing games in 4K at 120 HZ already compatible with AMD Free Sync and NVidia G Sync technologies, both for better fluidity in frame transition, in addition to refresh rate variable and input lag of just 15 milliseconds.

As a Premium TV, the LG CX is practically complete, it has the main virtual assistants, the LG Smart magic command to facilitate navigation through the smart system and support Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos technologies for image and video improvements.

The 55-inch LG CX was once available here on the R $ 4,900.

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Now that you know which TVs are good for games, how about checking out the game promotions? A wide variety of titles that with a discount coupon can get even lower price.

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