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AirPods Max: new Apple headset has a starting price of R $ 6,899

This Tuesday, 08, Apple presented its newest audio device, it is the Airpods Max, a circum-ear headset with a very unusual design, noise cancellation, different color options and a great price. Airpods Max arrives in Brazil for R $ 6,899 and although it is already on the official website of Apple in Brazil, the date of the beginning of sales was not informed.

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The AirPods Max weighs only 382 grams and this can be explained by the design and materials used in the product which has a screened fabric arch, with a stainless steel structure and aluminum earphones. According to Apple, all the elements used in the construction of the headphones facilitate the adaptation of the device to any user, since the fabric bow adapts to all head shapes and the adjustable rods make it possible to place the headphones at the right height. The phone is available in five colors: silver, black, blue, pink and green.

The phone has eight microphones that work in noise isolation, six of which are facing the outside and are responsible for detecting ambient noise and two microphones facing the phone and which measure what the user is hearing. Sound quality is also provided by Apple's H1 chip which, through computer audio, helps to prevent external noise from reaching the listener, in addition to creating the sensation of spatial sound with directionality similar to surround sound systems.

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As expected, the AirPods Max has easy connection to Apple devices, just by bringing the headphones closer to the device. Once paired, switching between devices is also automatic. According to Apple, if you are listening to music on the iPad and receive a call on the iPhone, the headphones will connect to the smartphone automatically.

The Airpods Max still pauses playback when removed from the ear and resumes when replaced, has Siri compatibility to answer and listen to messages, surveys and other voice commands, while the battery life is up to 20 hours.

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