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Best mixer brands available in Brazil

Mixers are indispensable items for the production of several recipes, such as when we need to beat a white egg to make the cake fluffy, whipped cream, ice cream, among others. But, to choose this appliance, it is necessary to keep an eye on several issues, such as the capacity of the basin, the power of the appliance, the brand of the product, etc. To help you in this last part, we have selected the best mixer brands available in Brazil.

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How do we select the best mixer brands?

We consider the best brand as the one that offers more options for the consumer, that is, that presents models that go from the basic to the premium level, to serve everyone. Basically, it is not much use for a brand to have an optimal model, if it is very expensive and does not serve users, because this way the cost-benefit drops considerably.

In addition, we also evaluated the marks of the brands in Reclame Aqui and analyzed specific mixers that are highlights of each one and are worth our mention. You can also tell your shopping experience in the comments to alert users to a particular brand you have purchased and are satisfied or not.

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7 best mixer brands

Mondial It brings good cost-benefit to the consumer
Oster Brings more sophisticated options at a fair price
Cadence Brazilian brand of mixer
Philips Walita Brand recognized by other small appliances
Arno Has good model of planetary mixer
Black & Decker Features ideal portable mixer model
Kitchenaid Presents a great model, but with an inaccessible price


Mondial Premium Stainless Steel Mixer

Mondial was elected the best mixer brand by us, because if you access the site, you will see that there are more than 10 different mixer models to choose from (and yes, we are talking about different types of mixer, not only about the difference in colors for each model).

You can choose between premium models, such as the Premium Stainless Planetary Mixer; intermediate models, such as those of the Bella Massa line, and even basic models, such as those of the Power Prática line.

To better clarify the differences between the models we mentioned, we made a table with the name and information of each one, in order to be able to understand their capacity, power and functionality and how the brand can serve different types of consumers. After all, you may prefer a professional mixer for work or cake production, for example, for extra income, or just for sporadic recipes.

Food mixer Mondial Premium Inox Mondial Bella Massa Mondial Power Practice B-05 NP
Wattage 700W 400W 350W
Bowl capacity 2 4.5L bowls 2 bowls (one 4L and one 2.3L) A 3.6L bowl
Number of beaters 3 2 common stainless steel beaters 2 common chromed steel beaters
Speed ​​options 12 4 + turbo 3 + pulse function

In addition, Mondial has a score of 8.6 on Reclame Aqui, with 100% of complaints answered and a 90.7% solution rate. Another fact is that 79.6% of consumers would return to do business with the company.

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Oster Spinner Mixer

Oster has a much smaller amount of the appliance to offer to the consumer, but even so it is among the best mixer brands: there are only four models available and two of them are different from each other. However, the difference is that the brand wants to reach users who already use a mixer on a daily basis, because the options are more sophisticated: all mixers are planetary and the majority in stainless steel, in addition to having some specific characteristics, such as being able to take out the freezer bowl and put it in the oven immediately.

In our text of best mixers, the highlight was the professional model Oster Spinner, which manages to prepare breads, breads, cookies and other recipes with mastery. Below, we will also leave a table comparing the two different mixer models that Oster presents:

Food mixer Stainless steel bowl
Oster Spinner
Wattage 750W 400W (110V) 600W (220V)
Bowl capacity 4L 4.3L
Number of beaters 3 3
Speed ​​options 12 12

In Reclame Aqui, Oster's score is considered good: 7.5, with 99.5% of complaints answered and a 77% solution rate. Another fact is that 65.2% of consumers would return to do business with the company.

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Cadence Orbital Colors Mixers

Cadence is a Brazilian brand of home, kitchen and beauty items that is considered one of the best mixer brands. In fact, it presents three different product options for the consumer, which can be considered intermediate and less recommended for professional use. One of the brand's differentials is the Colors line of orbital mixer, which makes it possible for you to have a pink mixer at home, if you wish (including, the model is also on our list of best mixers).

Check out our table with the comparison of the models and then Cadence's Complaint Here note.

Food mixer Jolie Concept Special Orbital Colors
Wattage 150W 200W 400W
Bowl capacity 3.5L 2 3.5L bowls 3L
Number of beaters 2 common beaters 2 common beaters 3
Speeds 3 + pulse 4 + pulse 8

In Reclame Aqui, the mark of the brand is good, with 7.7 points. 99.7% of complaints were answered and the solution rate was 80.5%. In addition, 66.7% of people would return to do business with the company.

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Philips Walita

Philips Walita mixer
Philips Walita Viva Mixer

Well known for its electric fryers, the Philips Walita line also brings good mixer options. Altogether, there are 11 models, but only 5 are different between them. You can choose a Philips Walita mixer that is planetary, to beat heavier doughs, or a regular mixer, for simple recipes like creams and sauces.

Although there is no prominent model, the brand can be an option if you already have and like other products in the line. See our model comparison:

Food mixer Daily Philips Walita Viva Philips Walita Philips Walita Planetary Mixer Live Mixer with Mixer Philips Walita
Wattage 250W 400W 650W 400W
Bowl capacity 3.9L 3.2L 5L 3.2L
Number of beaters 2 common beaters 2 beaters and 2 mixers 3 2 beaters and 2 mixers
Speeds 3 5 10 5

In Reclame Aqui, the score is excellent, with 8.7 points. 100% of complaints are answered and the solution rate is 88.8%. In addition, 84.3% of people would return to do business with the company.

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Planetary Mixer Arno Inspirart KM-31

From here on, the highlight will not be so much for the best brand of mixer, but because it presents a model that can satisfy the consumer according to the use of the mixer. Arno, for example, despite presenting several different models, stands out in its planetary mixer.

It is compact, faster and, as a differential, it has only two beaters, which are multifunctional (planetary beaters usually have three different beaters and you need to change them depending on the use). As for technical specifications, this mixer model has a power of 500 watts and 5 speeds; the capacity of the bowl is not informed by the manufacturer, it is only described that it is compact and reduced by 30 cm, so that it can be easily stored in your kitchen.

In the following table, we compare this model with a simpler and more basic one from the brand:

Food mixer Inspirart Arno Compact Planetary Mixer Arno Easy Mixer
Wattage 500W 250W
Bowl capacity 4L
Number of beaters 2 2 common beaters
Speeds 5 3 + pulse

At Reclame Aqui, Arno's score is only regular, with a score of 6.1. 100% of complaints are answered and the solution rate is 58%, but only 46.6% of consumers would return to do business with the company. It is worth mentioning that, in these numbers, there are not only complaints about mixers, but all the brand's products.

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Black & Decker

Black & Decker presents four different mixer models, but our highlight goes to what is portable and does not come with a bowl, but only with a motor and beater support for you to keep it. In fact, there are two types of beaters: one for whites in snow and another for pasta. In addition, there are 10 speeds available in the mixer so you can better control the homogeneity of the food and 300W of power that will tell you how fast it will be ready. It is important to say that this model cannot be on for more than ten consecutive minutes. When that happens, take a break and start again.

See also the features of the other Black & Decker mixer models below:

Food mixer Planetary Mixer PLAN2000P Portable Mixer Stand Mixer
Wattage 750W 300W 300W
Bowl capacity 5L 4L
Number of Scouts 3 2 beaters and 2 mixers 2 beaters and 2 mixers
Speeds 8 10 10

In Reclame Aqui, the company's score is also regular, with six points in total. Only 71.1% of complaints were answered and the solution rate was 63.7%. 54.2% of consumers would return to do business with Black & Decker. Also because of this information, which is not only about mixers, the brand was a little lower in our ranking.

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Last on our list of best mixer brands, because it presents a sensational model, but inaccessible to many, due to the high price. Although there are options worth up to R $ 5,000 on the store's website, our choice of model is the Stand Mixer Artisan, as it is one that has the lowest prices and is much more than a mixer.

It is possible to couple a grater and slicer, a pasta shaper, a juice extractor and a fruit spiralizer (to slice in a spiral) to the main unit. Although all these accessories have to be purchased separately and the mixer itself has a higher price, this is a considerable differential of the appliance.

For the mixer itself, it is possible to find the stainless steel or glass bowl, with a capacity of 4.83 liters. It has 10 different speeds and 275W of power and a one-year warranty. It is considered silent by consumers, but also heavy, as it reaches 10 kilos. Is the brand really all that worth buying such a high price appliance?

In Reclame Aqui, KitchenAid's score is 8.4. 99.7% of complaints were answered and the solution rate is 85.9%. In addition, 77.2% of customers would return to do business with the company.

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Now that you know the best mixer brands on the market, take a look at our mixer promotions to buy yours! If you wait for Black Friday or use a discount coupon, you will save even more!

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