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Buying Christmas gifts over the internet: 7 tips to avoid making mistakes

Exchanging gifts at Christmas is already a tradition for some people, especially in secret friends, company fraternization and among friends. This year, this practice remains on the rise, but the ways of doing things have changed a little: for everyone's safety, the preparations for these events to be held online are already happening. And that also includes buying a Christmas gift over the internet, which allows for a combo: avoid crowds and deliver the package directly to a useful address of the person who will receive the treat.

To support this perspective, we found that, according to a survey carried out by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers, 54% of people must present someone at Christmas and that the preferred place to make these purchases is precisely the internet and online stores (it was the choice of 47 % of respondents). So, let's go to our tips.

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Organize everything in a list and search for prices

This tip is for you not to exceed your budget or forget someone important. First, list all the people you intend to give; then, see what your maximum budget for Christmas gifts is (if you haven't set one yet, you'll need it) and set a maximum amount of money to spend on each one.

You do not necessarily need to divide your total budget by the number of people, but you can balance it in another way, such as giving your child a more special item and just a souvenir for someone at work, like a bottle of wine.

In addition, setting limits will help you when it comes to researching the prices of the items you are thinking of buying: maybe, if you find that something you intended to give is too expensive, you should replace it with something more affordable. To do more assertive research, you can also use price comparators, like Comparaí, which will show you the lowest price of a product in the last 6 months, 3 months and 30 days.

Investigate who will receive the gifts

Following this tip can prevent the person you are gifting from having to exchange the souvenir reserved for them. Keep in mind that buying a Christmas present over the internet requires more than knowing the person's tastes: do you know the size of their clothes and shoes, if you are going to give something along those lines? Does she have an allergy to any cosmetic ingredient or is she vegan and does not buy items (mainly makeup) that are tested on animals?

In addition to these questions to ask, we thought of some other tips: if you are giving a gift with a clothing item, it is important to pay attention to the measurement tables of the stores: Under Armor, for example, recommends buying a larger number of shoes than normal, because of the different way the store uses it.

If you are going to buy toys as a Christmas gift, you can bet on Lego pieces, for example, whose recommended age comes in the box. To guide you even more, we have a list with seven toys that stimulate creativity to give for Christmas.

If you choose books, is there a simple way to find a topic that the person likes: what he comments a lot about when you talk or what subject do you know he would like to learn more about? If she buys a work related to these themes, she will have a better chance of not preferring to change the book. You can still follow the other tips in the text on how to choose a Christmas gift book to get it right.

Check other users' reviews for the product

When on the page of the product you want to buy, take a look at user reviews before finalizing the purchase. If it is a garment, check, for example, that the fabric is breathable and easy to wash; if it is a shoe, if it is comfortable and durable; if it is a book, see photos that consumers have posted about the edition, the quality of the pages, the cover, if the book has ears or not, etc. This will help you to present that special person with more quality.

Pay attention to deadlines and freight

amazon announces 3 logistics centers

There is no point in buying the perfect Christmas gift over the internet if it doesn't arrive before the holiday. Therefore, it is necessary to buy in advance and still keep an eye on the freight term, especially if the order goes to another state.

To give you an idea, I have an open order on Amazon that goes to Santa Catarina; although I placed the order on November 30, it is expected to arrive at the delivery address on December 10, even with the Amazon Prime subscription (service that guarantees free shipping anywhere in Brazil and faster deliveries) , so it’s important to program yourself.

Want to receive alerts whenever you appear Amazon Prime on sale?

Research the store exchange policy

It is very important to know the exchange policy of the stores where you will buy the gift, so that you can inform interested parties later. Find out, at least, in how many days the store can be contacted to exchange the product upon presentation of the invoice and how to do it, especially through online.

Know your rights as a consumer

This topic is for if you have any problems with your purchase, either in the order processing, in the arrival of the product (it may not be what you ordered, but we hope this doesn't really happen) or even with the exchanges. There are some important points for you to research, all ensured by the CDC:

In addition, a general text, explaining what to do if you have problems with a purchase.

enjoy it

Our last tip, but by no means less valuable, is to take the opportunity to buy Christmas gifts over the internet. Here, we have collected the best discount coupons for you to save at major retailers such as Americanas, Amazon and Magazine Luiza; we have selected the best offers for Christmas gifts, Christmas decoration items (who knows, you may not give yourself a gift?) and much more, so that you do not make mistakes when showing affection to someone special.

You can also add the items you want to give to your Wish List, and you will be notified when any promotions appear on the platform here.

Whoever buys Christmas gifts for the cheapest price. Enjoy a cell phone on sale, a headset on sale or a TV on sale so you don't miss it!

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