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Disney + does not work on my TV: what to do?

Disney + arrived in Brazil and you ran to subscribe to the new streaming market, but remembered that your smart TV is old or worse, not even smart. All is not lost, as even old TVs can show Marvel movies, Pixar animations, episodic Star Wars movies and everything else that Disney + offers. Check out the possible options if Disney + doesn't work on your TV.

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Maybe your old TV has Disney +

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<p>Before presenting other possibilities, it is worth checking the list of smarts TVs that already have the Disney + application available. All TVs and Box TVs with Android TV operating system already have streaming, but according to Disney +, the best user experience is available from version 5.0 of Android TV.  </p>
<p>For LG TV owners, models with version 3.0 of the webOS system already have the application, as well as Samsung TV owners launched in 2016. </p>
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Chromecast, Fire TV Stick Lite and Mi TV Stick, Roku Express

The doodles that convert your old TV into a smart TV are also the simplest solution to enjoy Disney + on the TV you already have at home. Although Google announced this year a new Chromecast with remote control and its own processing, it is worth remembering that this version is not yet available in Brazil, but the Chromecasts 2 and 3 that mirror the compatible applications of the phone on the TV are fast and practical.

Already the similar Mi Stick TV from Xiaomi, Fire Tv Stick Lite from Amazon and Roku Express make the game a little broader, since they have remote control, operating system and own storage, just download the Disney + app on your device.

Current and Past Generation Consoles

Xbox Series X.

A lot of people forget, but the current consoles are true multimedia centers and the streaming app by Mickey and his gang can be downloaded on the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series. But as the price of the new generation is still quite high, rest assured that both Playstation 4 and Xbox One also already have Disney + available for download.

The good old notebook with HDMI cable

Finally, if Disney + does not work on your TV because it is not smart or because it is old, connecting the notebook to the TV via the HDMI cable is always a good option for those who like screens bigger than the laptop. If your TV does not have the Disney Plus App, it is very likely that it is not 4K, so an HDMI 1.0 cable already guarantees image transmission with Full HD resolution.

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