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Echo Dot 3 or 4: what is the best generation of the smart speaker?

Amazon's Echo Dot smart speakers are falling for Brazilian consumers looking for Alexa's facilities for their routines. However, as the retail giant sells the 3rd and 4th generation Echo Dot at the same time, many users are in doubt between Echo Dot 3 or 4.

Start with the latest Echo Dot or the cheapest one? I already have the 3rd generation Echo Dot, should I migrate to the newest one? Check out our comparison of the last two generations of Echo Dot and find out which one to choose.

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The two smart speakers from Amazon have bodies based on plastic and fabric over the audio outputs, however the 3rd generation Echo Dot has a cylindrical and boring shape, while the 4th generation model is round. Both have four buttons on the top, two for volume control, one to mute the microphone and an action button, however in the 3rd generation Echo Dot the buttons are on a plastic surface while in the new generation they are on the fabric .

The fourth generation Echo is taller, at 133 mm and weighs 940 grams, while the previous model is only 43 mm tall and weighs 300 grams. Both need to be connected to the socket to work and present feedback through leds, which in the 4th generation model are at the bottom of the base and in the 3rd generation Echo, at the top.

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Sound capacity

The main evolution of the new generation of smart speakers from Amazon is in the sound capacity. The rounded design of the 4th generation speaker with front output also allows for better sound quality, since the audio is emitted in a directional way while the 3rd generation Echo has audio outputs only on the sides.

According to Amazon, the front orientation of the 1.6-inch Echo's 4th generation speaker allows for a more bass-like sound than the previous generation, although, analyzing only the technical data sheet, both devices have 1 speaker of 1 , 6 ″. The two smart speakers also have a 3.5 mm audio output on the rear for connection to external speakers.

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The ability to capture sounds and identify users' voices, on the other hand, does not seem to have changed from one generation to the next. In internet forums and here in the some users report that the new generation speaker has some difficulty hearing the voice commands. Both devices have four microphones to capture audio.

Alexa improvements?

The generation has changed, but the virtual assistant Alexa, the main factor in having an Echo device, is the same on both devices. The virtual assistant has the same characteristics and capabilities both in the 3rd and 4th generation Echo, including the same interactions, functions and support for the control of other connected devices. Skills, pre-defined functions of specific services of CBN, UOL, Galinha Pintadinha and iFood, among others, also remain the same in both generations.

Echo Dot 3 or 4: which is more worth it?

At the time of publication of this comparison, the price of devices of different generations is close. The 4th generation Echo Dot is going for R $ 284, while the older model costs R $ 217. As they are very similar smart speakers, the purchase of the 4th generation Echo is more suitable for those who are going to buy their first Echo Dot device, since the price difference is not so great and the current generation has some improvements in audio quality. However, those who already own the 3rd generation Echo will not find significant improvements in the new model that justify the exchange.

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