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How does a vacuum cleaner that cleans windows work?

Anyone who lives in an urban center or high-rise apartment knows that pollution is a serious problem, but that it can go unnoticed for a while. It is only when the windows are cleaned for the first time that it is possible to notice all the dust used on the outside. This is not a simple task, especially on the higher floors, where the wind is stronger and the height can cause vertigo if you are unaware and look down.

As there is a solution for everything, vacuum robots have also evolved into the function of window cleaners. So that you are not familiar with this line of robots, let's start at the beginning.

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How does a vacuum cleaner that cleans windows work?

vacuum cleaner robot cleaning window

A robot vacuum cleaner that cleans glass is very simple to use, just touch it to the surface where it will work, with the flannels attached and turn it on by the main button. The glass cleaner robot has a suction or vacuum system that keeps it attached to the glass, without the risk of it falling while working, but as accidents can happen, most models come with a safety cord. In addition, the models come with a battery and charger, with a cable that can be up to 5 meters long.

If you live in an apartment and feel dizzy just thinking about having to clean the other side of the windows, a vacuum cleaner robot can be very useful.

Does the vacuum cleaner clean windows only?

vacuum cleaner robot cleaning window

Vacuuming robots that clean glass can also be used to clean bathroom stalls, tiled walls or even wipe the floor, but in the latter case it would not be as advantageous as a robot suitable for this task.

What to consider before buying?

There are some points of the robot vacuum that must be taken into account before buying one, such as the battery life, which may not be enough for very large surfaces; the noise they make while they are in action and, finally, the price. Vacuum cleaner robots that clean windows are often more expensive than other models that do not clean windows.

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