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How to become a Gold Magalu Customer?

In order to get closer to its consumers, Magalu Marketplace created a new platform, which is a loyalty program with different benefits and discounts only for those who are part of the Gold Client.

In addition to not having an annual fee, the Gold Client has benefits, such as the possibility of splitting invoices up to 24x (fixed), digital invoice, additional cards, access to exclusive offers, both on the Magalu website and in any Physical store and even account with 10% discount at Clube da Lu.

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How does the Ouro Magazine Luiza card work?

Although the card concession is different from other modalities offered by the store, the Gold Card works like a normal credit card and is issued under the Mastercard banner in partnership with Banco Itaú. Thus, it is accepted and several stores and establishments, inside and outside the country.

However, the limit is variable and depends on an income assessment and your track record as a payer. With the Gold Card, it is also possible to make a request for personal credit, which will also be assessed before release.

However, before thinking about becoming a Ouro Magazine Luiza Customer, make sure that this is a card that meets the needs of your consumer profile. For that, you need to keep in mind your income and which limit would be ideal for you.

How to become a Magalu Gold customer?

Gold client Magalu

As we said, in order to become a Magalu Gold customer, you must fulfill some prerequisites, such as having made at least five purchases at chain stores (both website and physical store) and your purchases in the last 3 years must add the minimum amount of R $ 2,200.00, regardless of the payment method. However, it is important to note that anyone who has late payments for more than 30 days or some type of restriction in the name, the request may be rejected.

If you fulfill the requirements, simply request the Gold Card through the website or physical stores. However, the evaluation of your case will still go through a financial analysis, your minimum income, for example, needs to be at least R $ 800.

In case of approval, the card will be sent within two weeks. When you arrive, just unlock it through the call center, on the number 3003-3030 (capitals and metropolitan regions) or on 0800 720 3030 (other locations). But you can also unlock it at an Itaú bank ATM or through the Luiza Cartão app (available for Android and iOS).

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