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How to choose a gamer notebook among the various options on the market?

Fostering games like World of Warcraft and platforms like Steam, the online games market has taken off in recent years and is a real sales pitch. According to the consultancy Newzoo, which specializes in estimates for the gaming sector, the online games market generated $ 152 billion in global revenue in 2019, a figure that is expected to reach $ 196 billion in 2022.

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But these predictions did not come out of the blue: they stem from users' interest in both purchasing games online and equipping their computers or notebooks to support these games, which require more powerful hardware specifications than is found in ordinary devices.

And the search for a machine compatible with different games grew especially during 2020, as shown by this graph generated by Google, with a very expressive peak between April and June (most likely, due to the distance period generated by the pandemic), but even greater than that registered in previous years.

If you are thinking of buying or replacing your notebook with a machine more compatible with the games of the current generation, this post is for you.

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Below we present some of the main characteristics that should be looked for in a gaming notebook, but without delving into the hardware currently available to ensure that the "useful life" of this matter is longer.

With the instructions below, you can already understand the crucial parameters when searching for equipment and compare with the technical specifications of the machines available on the market. The main point is to understand what you think is most important and look for machines that fulfill this function and fit your budget.

Of course, it would be great to buy a notebook with all the latest configurations, but we know that the prices are quite high, so the option we have is to choose intelligently and compatible with what is most important at the time of the game.

So let's go to the features you should note:


Although the value is still high, it is worth investing in the SSD as a storage option because of the advantages such as faster startup and quieter execution (which makes a difference, when thinking about spending hours and hours listening to the noise until low , but constant, from an HD).

A tip to get around the price x storage ratio is to choose notebooks that allow you to install more than one SSD or have inputs for both SSD and HD. Speaking of interfaces, the most recommended for gamer use is the one with support for NVMe SSDs in PCIe 4x, with four ways, as it is the fastest of the moment.


While game notebooks tend to be more discreet (giving preference to issues such as more powerful hardware and software), it is worth paying attention to issues such as the shape of the openings the machine has to “expel” the heat generated inside the machine and the presence of Gigabit Ethernet ports, the most advanced for cable connection.

RAM memory

As with smartphones, the more memory, the less worries you will have in this regard. A computer equipped with 8GB is already able to handle the work of saving the data used by the game during its operation, but if you can choose a machine already with 16GB, your life will be more peaceful.

Video card

The video card is essential equipment to be observed when choosing or assembling a gamer notebook, because this component is responsible for supporting all graphics execution – that is, generating all the images of the game. The main reference within this market are the GeForce GTX line cards, which is a specific Nvidia brand for games. But it is also worth consulting the components of AMD's RX line.


As the name says, the equipment helps to process various actions inside the computer, including when talking about games. Although the graphics card handles graphics generation, factors such as resolution and image quality are compromised if the processor does not act quickly enough. Thinking of better known brands, the “H” lines of brands like AMD and Intel usually offer good options.


Presenting this topic just to say that, as the current market has practically the same standard (15.6 inches and Full HD resolution), it is almost impossible to escape this configuration. Just check out issues like resolution and amount of colors, which in fact may vary.

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