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How to organize change: guide with 10 tips for not suffering

When we need to prepare to move, the first question that comes to us is: "where to start?". There are so many items to organize, pack and transport that it is difficult not to think that something will be lost along the way or go wrong. To get this idea out of the mind of those who are going through it or are going to go through it, we have prepared a guide with 10 practical tips for organizing change without suffering.

We divided the topics into three parts: what you should do before you move; what to do during the move and tips for when you're already in your new home. In fact, note that we will use the word home a lot, but we fully understand that you may be moving into an apartment. The tips work anyway.

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How to organize change: before you change

These first steps involve organization, discipline and cleanliness and should be done, as far as possible, in two moments, depending on your situation: if you are going out to rent a property, you can start them simultaneously when looking for housing options. That's because the rental process is much faster than the purchase and sale process, so you need to be prepared to move at any time, especially if the location you rented is already empty.

If you are buying another property, the process will be totally different and various documentation, signatures and terms will be involved that are not part of a rental contract. Soon, it will take longer, which will give you more time, but it will also generate more expectation. In such cases, we recommend that the organization of the move begins when you are already sure (or almost certain) that the purchase will be completed, whether it is paid in cash or through financing.

Most of the time, there will be a term stipulated in the contract for the new property to be released for you (or for you to leave your previous property, depending on the situation), so it will be, more or less, your reference of time to do everything we’ve separated on the list.

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1 – Eliminate what you don't need

This part is for you not to take anything you don't need to your new home. Gradually, go looking through the drawers of each room and eliminate unnecessary papers, try clothes that can go for donation, arrange the bookcase for you to separate books for sale or exchange in the suet, think about ornaments or utensils that you haven't used in a long time. Then just stick to what still makes sense to you. If you are moving from a house to an apartment, you may still have to deal with the lack of space.

A tip for the objects and pieces that belong to you (and are not from the house or collectives) is to take them in your hand and literally think about what you feel. What kind of memories do they bring you? Does it still make sense to continue with them, or what have they stood for? These questions will also help you with questions of self-knowledge and greater ownership in decision-making in this new phase.

2 – Wash and clean everything that will be transported to the new house

After you are left with only what you are going to take to the new house, remember to wash some items before packing them, when the move is very close to starting. Some of them are: bed, bath and table items in general, clothes, some specific shoes (mainly the sole) and others that you find necessary. If you decide to use your own car for moving, it may be interesting to have it washed as well.

It will also be important to dust off items that are exposed to the weather, but leave them to wash everything even when you arrive at the new house, before storing them or starting to organize everything and decorate the environment.

How to organize change: to move and during the process

The following topics are for when the change process is already underway. At this stage, the property you are going to buy or rent must already be empty and have been released for you.

In fact, before that, you will need some essential materials to change: lots of shoe boxes and cardboard, to pack everything (you can buy them, but you can also find them in supermarkets and take them home little by little – if you is doing market for delivery, already save all the packages!); wide adhesive tape to close the boxes; bubble wrap and maybe even newspapers.

3 – Organize the items in boxes and identify them

Just don't crush your little plant! Leave the lid open so that it grows naturally

Well, as we said, it will be necessary to put all the items in boxes to transport them. Our tip in this part is to put different items separately: dinner sets in one box, toys in another, picture frames and decoration items in another, books in another … Clothes should preferably be placed in suitcases or bags.

When it comes to identifying everything, it is interesting to write not only on top of the box, but also on the sides, what is inside it. That's because you can start stacking them up and then the top won't show up anymore. Remember to pack the most fragile items in bubble wrap so as not to break, scratch or dent.

4 – Clean and repair the new house before you start

how to organize change

Before you bring everything you packed, you will need to clean up (those really well done) in the new house. So, not only will you leave everything clean to receive your belongings, but you will discover possible repairs needed. Observe, for example, how the painting is doing and if it needs to be redone; if all doors and windows open and close correctly and if the floor is okay; check if the shower stall is good and if the water runs down the drain or not.

It seems silly to think of such specific details, but the time to get the house functional and the way you want it is before you enter. You may have to hire small renovation services to fix everything and then clean the house again for you to put your belongings.

5 – Bring your belongings to the new house little by little

Unless you are going to hire a moving service, it is best to bring your belongings into the new house little by little. Take the less important items there first and then the most important ones, without worrying about specific rooms, after all, this method doesn't seem to make much sense. What good is it to take all the items in the room if you are going to spend several days without TV to watch the game of your heart's team or marathon Amazon Prime or Netflix? Just like the microwave, this type of item should be more towards the end.

6 – Have a suitcase with essential items and spare clothes

how to organize change

It is very important to prepare a suitcase with a spare change of clothes and some essential items (mainly for bathing) thinking about the last day of the change. Let's say that you finished everything at 10 pm and are leaving the old house with that “my god, I need to take a shower and fall into bed!” Feeling. How will you find these belongings in the middle of so many boxes with different items? And where will the energy be to get everything? If they are already in a small bag, it will be more comfortable for you.

7 – At the end, clean the house you are leaving

If you are leaving an empty house, it is polite to leave it relatively clean for the owner. It doesn't have to be the same cleaning as you will do in the new house, but at least a broom is essential. After all, this is how you expect your new home to be when you get there with the key for the first time.

How to organize change: after

how to organize change

At this stage, you no longer return to the old house and have already brought all your belongings. And it's almost there!

8 – Go emptying the boxes little by little

You will probably empty the boxes out of necessity: items for daily use in the kitchen, some books, your home office notebook, etc. Anyway, don't worry about getting the whole house ready in a week! You don't even need that. In the same way that you packed little by little, pack it little by little. Thus, it will be more productive and possible to leave the new house with your face.

9 – Properly dispose of cardboard, plastic and other items

Remember all those boxes and bubble wrap you picked up at the start of the move? The time has come to dispose of everything and there is no use throwing it in the common trash. At a minimum, put in the recyclable for your city to collect. If you want to be more assertive, give it to possible scavengers on your street or reuse it. You can also deliver to people you know are moving or are moving soon.

10 – Relax

how to organize change

You did it! After all, just relax and enjoy the new home.

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