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How to solve the light leak in IPS TVs?

The leakage of light on TV, also known as "light bleeding", happens on panels with IPS (In Plane Switching) technology, such as those of the LG brand, when viewed from any angle that is not directly frontal.

The IPS is a model of LCD panel where liquid crystals, responsible for the formation of pixels, have a precise horizontal alignment that ensures images more sharpness and fidelity in colors. However, this can cause some problems with the contrast intensity and white pixels can be noticed in the corners of most TVs and monitors.

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The luminosity of these pixels, however, can be visible from any angle in dark images and this can harm the experience of more demanding users in poorly lit environments.

What is Light Leak?

The leakage of light is not exclusive to any brand, and can be found in several models and monitors that use IPS technology, but it is not necessarily a defect or quality problem of the panel. It happens on dark screens when points of light appear at the edges. This "bleeding" is only visible in dark environments with little, if any, brightness. In bright places, or lighter images, it shouldn't be noticed so easily.

However, although for many this seems like a manufacturing defect, the leak is inherent in the LCD panel technology that is illuminated by LEDs. The lamps, which illuminate the back of the TV, create this effect and prevent the reproduction of pure black.

For comparison, the OLED models do not have a lighting panel, so they offer better contrast, brightness and display real black instead of that more grayish tone, as in the image above. This happens, because in OLED models the pixels self-illuminate according to the needs of each image.

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How to minimize “bleeding”?

Leakage of Light on TV

Due to the nature of the IPS panels, a small light leak is expected and this is not a defect that requires maintenance or product replacement.

Even so, as we know that this can bother more demanding users and as OLED models are not as important as IPS models, there is a way to correct this “leak”.

LG TVs, for example, have a “Full LED” function that adjusts the brightness of the LEDs where the video is black. In these cases, when an element in the video appears in a shade lighter than the background, a “blur of light” appears around it. This happens mainly in images smaller than the LED region, which makes the leak even more evident.

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In the standard configurations of the model, the leds in the dark parts are not switched off, they only dim. By disabling the “Full LED” function, it is possible to significantly reduce light leakage, although this also results in decreased contrast.

Now, if the backlight leak is very apparent, in that case you can return the screen and get a new model or refund, but it is important to check the RMA (Return to Maintenance) policy for each manufacturer.

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