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iPhone 13 without cables: rumors about Apple's next release

Apple recently announced its Iphone 12 Mini, Iphone 12 and Iphone 12 Pro, but rumors have already surfaced about its upcoming release.

Next year, the iPhone 13 may come without cables, wires and even ports. Thus, rumors indicate that due to technological sustainability, Apple may change and withdraw these resources. To understand a little more, follow the text below.

The models from the iPhone 5 have a lightning port, but does the iPhone 13 come without? In a debate in the leakers, Apple followers reported that there are new plans for the communication and power port on the Apple smartphone.

In 2021, Apple is expected to launch four models, but instead of the lightning port, it could be a USB-C port. Recalling that today users can connect their Iphone without cable, since in WiFi you can connect to the computer and manage content, such as backup copies, synchronize libraries, among other functions. In addition, with MagSafe users can charge their devices quickly.

Magsafe Technology on Iphone

This type of charging technology for the Iphone 12 can be a test, even several of its products are in this style, such as: covers, wallets and wireless chargers that plug into the back of the devices by magnets. In addition, the use of e-SIM technology in the Iphone XS has eliminated the use of a physical phone chip.

With all this information, they raise suspicions that MagSafe may be important in the brand's next smartphones. In this way, the smartphone would use a wireless charger and use only wireless functions (4G / 5G, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) for communication.

Although all the facts are speculations, there are possibilities that the next generation will have no connectors or inputs. You reader, what do you think of that? Leave your opinion in the comments of how the Iphone 13 should be.

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