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Is it time to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

If you're one of those people who doesn't spend a lot of time at home and, when you get home from work, you're too tired to pick up the vacuum cleaner and give a general look at the environment, maybe it's time to consider the possibility of having a vacuum cleaner robot to give you extra little hand in cleaning.

With the increase in demand for these small facilitators of everyday life, there was also an increase in the variation of models, as well as in prices. So is it time to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

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The time has come to buy a robot vacuum cleaner: what to do?

Buying a robot vacuum cleaner is a decision that must be made with care and a little bit of analysis. That's because everything will depend on the amount of cleaning that your new electronic companion will have to do in your home or apartment.

Understand your need

If you spend the day outside and when you get home you don't have time, having a robot vacuum cleaner is an interesting choice. If you have pets that shed a lot of hair or live in an apartment, especially on the higher floors, the product is also suitable for you. For these cases, there are more complete models, but more expensive, which besides aspiring comes with extra features.

But if you intend to delegate to your robot vacuum cleaner only the lightest suction work, there are more modest models that do the basics for a very interesting cost-benefit.

Check vacuum cleaner robot models and brands

buy a robot vacuum cleaner

When buying your robot vacuum cleaner, you will come across dozens of well-known brands, such as: Samsung, Philco, Electrolux, Multilaser, Xiaomi and another extensive gallery of options.

Mondial's Fast Clean has excellent cost-benefit, according to the analysis of several members of the. The model has 30W of power and is bivolt, capable of vacuuming even in the most difficult corners thanks to its rotating rods. Small, only 8 centimeters high, Fast Clean also makes it easy to vacuum dust under furniture. Its battery lasts for approximately 2 hours of uninterrupted operation and a 140ml capacity filter, enough for apartments

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A negative point, however, is that the robot does not have enough autonomy to return to its base to recharge. For those looking for a robot with greater autonomy, there are models that map your home and can be programmed to handle the entire cleaning process on their own.

buy a robot vacuum cleaner

If it is a more complete model you are looking for, know that the value will be equivalent, so prepare your pocket. The Roomba i7 is one of the top models with an average price of R $ 5,000 and has technology for mapping and memorizing specific points, in addition to being extremely versatile when cleaning efficiently on both smooth floors and carpets. You can even program your functions through an exclusive application and give voice commands.

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When Roomba i7 runs out of battery before cleaning is finished, it goes back to its base, waits for charging to complete and returns to finish the job.

Find the best value for money

Once your need for cleaning is defined, it's time to research the best cost-benefit for reality. Here at, for example, you can search for models and brands of robot vacuum cleaners, in addition to counting on the work of our offer curation team that guarantees the offer check.

You can also enjoy and see what other members of the community say about the product you are looking for.

So, do you think the time has come to buy a robot vacuum cleaner? So take a look at the offers on and don't forget to check if you have a discount coupon to save even more on your purchases.

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