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Is it worth it to adapt a mobile headset?

One of the many consequences of the emergence of smartphones was their use for an activity unimagined ten years ago: playing online. And, as in other areas of life, the Brazilian stands out in this activity: according to a survey carried out by SuperData on behalf of PayPal, 82% of Brazilians use the device to play.

But anyone who has tried to play certain titles on the device (such as PUBG) must have found as a limitation the lack of a microphone input for the cell phone, which allows the user to play with a headset and chat more easily during the game.

The good news: it is possible to buy adapters that enable headset gaming:

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How to adapt the mobile headset

The simplest solution is to buy a P2 Splitter adapter cable (also known as a “P2 in Y cable”), which generally costs less than R $ 20. With it, it is possible to integrate the headset inputs into the audio input on the smartphone .

An alternative option is an OTG adapter cable, which has two inputs: while one is placed in the headset compartment, the other is inserted into the input used to charge the phone – in general, it is used when you have a backlit headset and the user wants to use the device's “charge” to activate the lights on some models of gamers headsets.

In general, this cable is also easily found for less than R $ 20 in specialized stores and e-commerces.

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Is it worth it to adapt a mobile headset?

As the modifications are minimal and the value is relatively low, we would say that this is a very advantageous solution for those who use the smartphone for games and miss a headset for games that involve communication with team members.

The only caveat we would make is that, with the adapter, the mobility of the smartphone is somewhat reduced by the extra wires, so it would be interesting to use it in places where you will stay for a considerable time, whether at home or even on a journey longer by metro, train or bus,

And, for OTG adapters, it is worth remembering that the input used to turn on the headset lights consumes the smartphone's battery. So it's worth monitoring the battery, especially if you need the device for other tasks.

That said, just use the headset to enjoy your next game.

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