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Learn how to choose a microphone for streaming or podcast

Whoever produces content knows the importance of audio in the final result. The image quality does not have to be perfect and its content may still have a good range, but if the audio is poor, it may be a little more difficult. In a podcast, for example, the microphone is one of the centerpieces.

However, there are several microphone models available on the market, which ends up making things a little more difficult when choosing the best for each case.

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How to choose microphone?

Before going shopping, it is good to keep in mind what the purpose of that microphone will be, there is a vast list of options that meet the most varied needs, with very beautiful and flashy models, ideal for streaming, and others with less bold design, but professional quality audio capture capability.

Buying a wrong microphone can be a problem, since the most complete models are usually found in price ranges above R $ 500.

So do some research before paying a boleto.

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Microphone models

How to choose microphone


The condenser microphone has high sensitivity, which results in a greater capture of the surrounding sounds, widely used in studio recordings. This model is extremely versatile and can be used in several styles of production, from streamings, vlogs, to podcasts.

Due to the high audio capture it has, it is more recommended in closed environments, preferably with some type of sound insulation. In open places, this model is not the most suitable, since it will be able to capture all the noise around.

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If your goal is to make external recordings or interviews, then a lapel microphone is a good option, especially for practical use. Just attach it to the glue of the shirt, so that it is close to the mouth.

You can find several models of this microphone, even with wireless options. In addition, there are good options at a very affordable price on the market.

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The directional microphone, or shotgun, is a versatile and affordable option for anyone looking to produce professional-quality content. This model can be used either on a table or on the move, just direct it to the source of the sound you want to capture.

In addition, the shotgun can also be attached to cameras or booms to capture audio from a specific point at a greater distance.

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It is also possible to find USB microphones that have a good cost-benefit and a very acceptable audio quality, especially for those thinking about producing content for podcast or streaming channels, such as YouTube and Twitch.

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