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Moving service: is it worth hiring one?

Making change is a very tiring and laborious task that requires dedication, commitment, patience and organization. There are those who even like to participate in the process, because of expectations, and there are those who hate it, because they really think this is a boring situation. For this second group, a solution may be to hire a moving service.

In this article, we explain what a moving service is, what its benefits are, what you should be careful about when hiring one, and whether it is even worth opting for.

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What is a moving service and what does it do for you?

The moving service is literally a service provided by companies hired by you. These companies are specialized and are in charge of carrying out all the steps of moving from one residence to another: packaging all personal items with different colors and identification tags; taking objects from one property to another; placing and organizing belongings in the new property; hire dedetization services, telephony and internet for the new property, among others.

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How it works?

First, you will have to search among the most diverse moving companies in the market and see which one gives you the most confidence. Then, the steps we will list below may vary slightly in format, but in general it happens like this:

1 – The company will ask you for some data on the property, such as footage and the number of objects to be transported, to give you an average minimum budget (values ​​can vary between R $ 1900 and up to R $ 20 thousand, depending on the company). In addition, the distance between one property and another and the amount of individual services you will hire will be taken into account.

2 – If you think that this initial budget is within your parameters, you can request that the company come to do a more detailed inspection of your property and even define what type of vehicle will be used for your move. Thus, you will have a more accurate budget and will be able to finally decide whether to close the deal or not.

3 – Afterwards, furniture dismantling and packing of all items in your home should be scheduled; they will be reassembled and saved as soon as they are at the new address. For this step, it is important to check with the company what type of packaging is used: give preference to those using bubble wrap, so the items are less at risk of breaking, scratching or crushing.

4 – If you have to deliver the property you are in, but your new home has not yet been released, rest assured. Research well, because some companies also store your furniture for as long as you need. In addition, some offer hoisting services to lift furniture through the window to your apartment, in case they do not fit in the elevator.

5 – Some other companies still organize everything for you in the new house, from kitchen items to personal items. If you want (and overpay for it), they also hire internet services, pest control and cleaning.

What care should be taken when hiring a moving service?

All your requests and arrangements with the moving service company must be provided for in the contract, in addition to other minor but very important details. Therefore, you must ask and clarify some points: how does the reimbursement work in case of a breakdown of any furniture or appliance? What are the deadlines for removing and placing furniture in the new property? Which carriers will be hired by the moving company? Among others.

After all, is it worth it to hire a moving service?

The sincere answer to that question is: it depends. As it is an expensive service if done completely, it may only be worth it if you move to more distant places, which are hours from your current home. This is because, in these cases, you will already have many other concerns: doing research on the internet and in real estate about which neighborhood is better to live in, coming and going from there several times to visit, observe the cost of living, etc. Still thinking about changing everything (if you are not buying new furniture, appliances and utensils) can be tricky.

Now, if your move is to the same city or to a neighboring city, it is better to budget a small truck to load items like refrigerator, rack and larger furniture and compare prices. You can also call on some friends or family to help you transport valuable items and minors, such as clothes, decorations and even microwaves and small appliances, for example.

Now that you know when it’s worth hiring a moving service, don’t forget to use our coupons to buy what you need! You can choose, for example, between American coupons or Submarine coupons!

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