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News from JBL Go 3: is it worth buying the new bluetooth speaker?

JBL is a reference in bluetooth and portable speakers, the Go line being the most popular of the brand due to the affordable price and good cost-benefit. At the end of November the company brought to Brazil the new JBL Go 3 with a suggested price of R $ 300, but the box can already be found for lower prices and here at she was already available for R $ 269. Check out what has changed in JBL Go 3, JBL's new portable speaker.

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Design and features

The new JBL GO 3 is almost the same size as the previous model, but visually the new portable box has changed a lot. The rubberized and smooth plastic structure comes out and now the box is surrounded by a plastic net similar to other larger models of the brand, however the body remains with rounded ends.

Another change is in the positioning of the buttons, since they are now divided between the upper part with the volume buttons and the play button, while one of the sides houses the power button and the button to activate the bluetooth. Other novelties are on the bottom with supports that guarantee a better fixation of the box on the surface and on the handle on the side.

The model remains waterproof, with IP67 specifications which in practice means that the JBL Go 3 has resistance to diving in fresh water with a depth of up to 1 meter and for up to 30 minutes, in addition to being resistant to dust, sand and others particles.

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There was also a small evolution in the sound power of the new JBL GO 3 which has a loudspeaker and a passive radiator and maximum power of 4.2w, while the GO 2 has power of 3w. According to JBL, the new Go 3, besides being more powerful, is capable of sound reproductions with more nuances in the bass.

Another factor that should influence the sound quality is the decrease in the frequency response of the new box, which is now between 110 Hz and 20 kHz, representing more faithful reproductions and with less distortions.

Battery and connections

JBL GO 3 has a USB Type-C port

Here is an item that does not change. The battery life of the JBL Go 3 is up to 5 hours, just like the previous model. Another detail related to charging that also remains unchanged is the absence of a power source to charge the battery. The JBL Go 3 also comes with only the cable. On the other hand, the cable entry is now USB type C, replacing the already outdated micro USB.

An absence felt in the JBL Go 3 and that was present in the two previous models is the 3.5 mm audio cable input. Bluetooth is now 5.1 and should ensure greater stability for connections with smartphones, TVs and other devices.

Is it worth buying the JBL Go 3?

The new entry-level bluetooth speaker from JBL has everything to remain among the most popular in the national market, since the portability proposal with good sound quality has been improved in the current model. For those who still don't have a JBL box from the GO line, the new model is worth it for its good cost-benefit.

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