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Night Mode: how to activate and what are its benefits?

Who has never taken their cell phone at night and, when they called, was struck by that blinding glow? Well, the night mode is an interface version developed so that the brightness of the screen does not obscure our vision so much and we can continue using the device without suffering.

With predominantly darker tones and some lighter highlights, the night mode not only brings greater visual comfort, but also helps to save more battery in devices with OLED or AMOLED screen. As in the case of these devices, the pixels have their own lighting, when the information is black, the pixel remains off.

Devices with LCD screens do not have this advantage, as they have a backlight in their structure. This makes all the backlights active (which is why this type of device does not have real black, since there will always be minimal lighting).

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How to activate night mode?

Night mode, or dark mode, is a screen configuration option, available for applications, browsers and operating systems in general, which allows you to use your device in dark environments without straining your vision.

Activating night mode is a very simple process. On devices with Android operating system, just go to the settings and look for the screen configuration options. When you activate it, the entire interface of your device and applications have become darker tones and some lighter elements, such as letters.

However, it is important to remember that the white color with black text is better for reading in any environment. For those with astigmatism, for example, the black background with white letters can make reading difficult.

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Vision care

It is worth remembering that the intense light is a stimulus that can disrupt our sleep. With night mode you don't have this problem. The glow emitted by electronic devices, when in excess, can cause a transient dryness in the cornea, tired eyes and difficulty in maintaining focus.

So it is important, when spending a lot of time on your cell phone, computer or tablet, to remember to blink a few times. This makes the muscle stand still for a long time, do not tire or dry out.

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Also, take breaks every 30 minutes and stay away from the screens, this helps to stretch the muscles in our eyes.

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