Paperless Board Meetings – Reasons to Choose

In the transition to distance working, boardroom meetings are becoming a basic technology, providing interaction between boards. Here is more about its functionality.

Boardroom – a modern element of distance workflow

Recently, online meetings have become widespread, which are various events held online. Their topics can be very diverse – these online conferences are widely used for training, doing business, making presentations of various goods and services, etc.

The benefits of online conferences are very large – as practice shows, their effectiveness is almost in no way inferior to the effectiveness of offline events. At the same time, the organizers are completely relieved of the need to find a place for holding a conference, organize conditions for participants to stay, and other problems. All they have to do is develop an interesting script, pick up demo materials, invite a presenter or speaker if necessary, take care of the technical side and, if necessary, enlist the support of a moderator. To make this process more productive, Boardroom portals are widely used.

The basis of the boardroom is software, which allows organizing communication between geographically remote users in real-time. Online conferences are an excellent alternative – you can create a meeting in two clicks and invite colleagues from different parts of the country or even the world to it. The use of video communication in the internal communication of the company significantly saves resources, and the sooner you start, the more time and money you will save in a year.

The boardroom provides the following features:

  • Support for multi-user audio and video communication in real-time (usually in a one-to-many format – when one or more presenters are broadcasting to a wide audience of viewers).
  • Demonstration of presentations.
  • Virtual presentation board for comments (whiteboard).
  • Text chat.
  • Recording and broadcasting audio/video streams (which can later be used, for example, as video lessons).
  • Remote desktop management.
  • Collaboration on documents.
  • Sharing applications.
  • Voting and polls.

Today, there are no obstacles to this, because almost everyone has a computer, webcam, headset, and access to the World Wide Web. You do not need to install additional programs.

Why do users prefer paperless board meetings?

Using paperless board meetings for working collaboration has its benefits:

  • Wide range of video conferencing capabilities. The boardroom offers a variety of presentation tools. Broadcast presentations or share your desktop with listeners, collaboratively view and edit documents, and record
  • Opportunities for branding your meeting. The conference room is the face of your event. You can flexibly customize the webinar page to suit your corporate style. Come up with a title and short description for the webinar, upload a logo, and personalize the look of the link.
  • A high degree of interactivity. Participants are involved in the working process, asking questions to clarify incomprehensible points, to which they immediately receive answers.
  • Saving time. Participants and the coordinator do not need to waste time traveling to the venue of the seminar. In addition, participants can be located in different cities or even countries.
  • After the meeting is over, listeners receive a recording, which they can later use to consolidate their knowledge. The record is issued even to those who did not manage to connect to it in time.
  • You can hold an unlimited number of video conferences and invite up to 100 people to each one. The software guarantees the secure protection of your data and the confidentiality of information.