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Password Manager: how it works and how to choose?

More and more we need to create new account entries, whether to access your profile on social media or make purchases, you will need to think of a login name and password – if you are one of those who like to save on passwords and use it for different channels, here's our first tip: do not do it.

In addition to not being safe, if you lose your only pet password, you will end up losing access to all your accounts, and to recover everything can take some time and some headache. So, the question arises: memorizing passwords, saving them in a notebook, using the browser itself or having a password manager?

We can say right away that we do not recommend the first three options, for reasons of: risk of forgetting everything, losing files or having your account hacked. In all three cases, you do not have the security provided by the password manager, which, after all, was developed exactly to perform this function.

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What is a password manager?

Today, with an increasing number of remote jobs and with more and more people accessing the networks, there is an urgent need to use password managers. But before you ask yourself if it is worthwhile or not to use a password manager, let's understand a little more about how this tool works.

The password manager basically consists of a tool to protect your data and passwords from intruders or suspicious activities that can be performed on your accounts by third parties without your authorization.

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If you do a quick search, you will find a wide range of tools that promise to keep your data safe. It is possible to find different applications whose function is to save and encrypt your passwords, but with some variations in price and functionality.

When choosing one, everything will depend on your need: will you use the manager to save your personal passwords or to save your work passwords?

Meet some password managers

Some managers guarantee secure file sharing and even provide detailed analysis of the activities performed on their accounts, with security tips and best online practices, such as Dashlane, which has a free version.

Another password manager with free subscription is Keeper, which encrypts your passwords for greater security, in addition to allowing different two-factor authentication methods.

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NordPass is another option that also has a free version to protect and store your passwords in forms. The application also memorizes your data, so the insertion is automatic, and thanks to its architecture, none of your data will be transmitted in a way that is not encrypted.

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