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Switch update brings Brazilian Portuguese and image sharing via QR Code

With Nintendo officially returning to Brazil, the Japanese gaming giant will gradually offer more localization options for the Brazilian market. The Nintendo Switch that was launched in 2017 and that in Brazil only started to be sold officially in September 2020, now has Brazilian Portuguese as one of the languages ​​available in its interface.

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The change can be made manually in the settings menu and if the region where the console is located is already set to “Americas” the Brazilian Portuguese will be selected automatically, instead of the Portuguese Portuguese that was already available on the console system before the update last.

Another highlight of the update 11.0.0 of the system is the sharing of images and videos of the Switch for computers and cell phones. PC users can now share images and videos captured on the console via the USB port, since sharing to smartphones is easier when scanning the QR Code generated by the Switch with a cell phone.

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Although Brazilian players are eager to play console titles in the local language, there is still no news about a possible localization of Switch titles for Brazilian Portuguese, either in subtitles or dubbing. Currently, only a few games on the console have the option of Portuguese from Portugal.

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