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TU8000 or UN8000: which is the best entry-level 4K TV of 2020?

Once again LG and Samsung present the entry-level 4K TV options for 2020 that most arouse interest among those looking for a new TV, and due to the similarity between the two models, Samsung's TU8000 and UN8000 at LG, many consumers are in doubt when buying a new 4K TV. We compare the two input TVs to help you decide between TU8000 or UN8000.

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TV TU8000 UN8000
Screen GO VA / IPS
Inches 50 ″, 55 ″, 65 ″, 75 ″, 82 ” 50 ″, 75 ”, 82”, 86 ”
Frequency 60Hz 60Hz
HDR Yes Yes
Upscaling Yes Yes
Audio 20w 20w
HDMI 3 4
USB two two
Dual band Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Operational system Tizen WebOS
Voice commands Yes Yes
Virtual Assistants Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby Google Assistant and Alexa


The two TVs have a similar design when viewed from the front, with thin edges and “V” shaped support, however the TU8000 allows adjustment of the feet. The design of the two models is conventional, but does not compromise the environment, but the Samsung model has a smaller thickness, which can facilitate when fixing the device on the wall or on narrower furniture.

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Connections and virtual assistants

UN8000 has 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB

Both the TU8000 and UN8000 have ports and connections consistent with the category of entry-level TVs, however in this regard the LG model has a small advantage. The UN8000 has different inputs depending on the screen size. There are 4 HDMI inputs on all models, but in the 86 ”and 82” versions, we find two HDMI 2.1 inputs and two in the 2.0 standard, while models with a 75 ”and 50” screen have four HDMI 2.0 inputs. The Samsung TU8000 has 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs and TVs from both brands also have two USB inputs.

The wireless connections of the TU8000 and UN8000 are also equivalent, both have Bluetooth and two-band Wi-Fi, capable of opting for the most stable and powerful connection in the environment.

One of the great innovations of TVs in recent years is the implementation of virtual assistants with voice command support. The two options are quite complete in this regard, with compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, but Samsung's TV has the brand's virtual assistant, Bixby, which although not a weight differential offers some facilities for those already inserted in the ecosystem from Samsung.

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Screen and audio technology

The TU8000 has more screen size options and can be found in models with 50 ”, 55”, 65 ”, 75” and 82 ”, and in all options the screen technology is VA, a variation of the LCD screens with the liquid crystals positioned vertically and that offer better levels of contrast, but smaller angle of view.

The UN8000 has screens of different sizes and technologies. The LG TV can be found with a 50 ”and 82” screen and VA technology, or a 75 ”or 86” inch screen with IPS technology that, unlike VA screens, has a wider viewing angle at the expense of less contrast determined.

The sound quality of the two TVs is within the expected for the category, with enough power to please the least demanding, but that is far from being one of the highlights of the two devices. In both options the sound power is 20w divided into two 10w channels. A differential of LG UN8000 is the compatibility with the Dolby Atmos format, capable of providing a more directional sound.

Smart system

Samsung and LG TVs have smart platforms already consolidated in the market and approved by a large part of consumers, Tizen on Samsung TVs and webOS on LG devices. In the case of TU8000 and UN8000 the situation is no different, however, each in its own way can be more interesting to a type of user.

Tizen has a cleaner usability of elements and more options for quick access, but it makes it a little difficult to search for applications or functions that are not accessed frequently. One of the great advantages of LG's webOS is using the Smart Magic control included in the TV as a cursor, facilitating navigation. The application library of the two systems is extensive and has the main streaming applications, in addition to the most recent and sought after ones like Disney +.

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TU8000 or UN8000: what is the best option?

The current average price of the 50-inch TU8000 is R $ 2,500, while the LG UN8000 with the same dimensions are leaving on average for R $ 2,400, however these values ​​fluctuate a lot and the moment you search for them the scenario will be different. As in previous years, the dispute between the incoming 4K TVs from Samsung and LG is fierce.

The LG TV has a small advantage in its sound capacity, a more complete remote control that gives greater possibilities for using the smart system, in addition to having an additional HDMI input, but these are factors that are not fundamental for most consumers. If you do not want to have more quality in the items mentioned, taking the cheapest model home, you will have a good 4K TV at your disposal

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