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What is a coffee bar and how does it affect the taste of coffee?

If having a cup of coffee in the morning makes a difference in your day, you may be looking for a coffee maker to improve the quality of the drink. Because, one of the specifications that you should consult in the product's characteristics is the amount of pressure bars it presents. To help you further, today we explain what is a bar in the coffee maker and how it affects the taste of your coffee.

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What is a bar and why is it important when buying a coffee maker?

Bar is a unit of pressure measurement. Once you know this, keep the following information in mind:

  • 1 bar is equivalent to 0.99 atm (atmosphere) physical.

Very simply, this means that the pressure exerted by the atmosphere is almost equivalent (only 0.01 lower) to the pressure exerted by 1 bar. But what is this pressure? It is like the weight of the air in relation to sea level.

When you see in the specifications of a coffee maker (mainly capsules and espresso coffee) that it exerts 9 bars of pressure, it means that it practically propels 9 times the weight of the air in relation to sea level so that the coffee is prepared . The one who exerts this pressure is water and the higher the level of bars, the more the liquid will be able to extract the properties and characteristics of the coffee.

To prepare quality coffee, a coffee maker must have at least 9 bars. After that, 15 is ideal, as it becomes more versatile for various types of drinks, from cappuccinos, chocolates and even espresso. If you focus on that last drink, we recommend buying a 19-bar coffee maker (like Nespresso). This type of product manages, in addition to extracting a good drink, to provide more interesting aromas as well.

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Is the number of bars decisive when buying a coffee maker?

No. This is because, in addition to the number of bars, another factor that influences the preparation of coffee is the size of the water outlet of the machine (how many millimeters in diameter it has), because this influences the amount of pressurized water that comes out in the coffee ( the larger the diameter, the more less pressurized water).

In addition, you also need to take your daily life into consideration when choosing a coffee maker. The types and flavors of coffee available should also influence this decision.

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