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What to analyze when buying a gamer phone?

Among the various products created to cater to the gamer audience, the headset is undoubtedly one of those that are considered essential: the union between a device made to spend hours in a comfortable way and with superior sound quality makes this headset one of the main objects of wish for anyone who wants to invest in the life of gamer.

Another factor that contributes to the success of this product is the variety of options, available for all tastes and pockets. And, knowing what you want from the product, you can choose the one that best suits what you need.

And what can be considered? We list below some aspects that are worth paying attention to when deciding to purchase your gamer headset:

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Wired or wireless?

jbl t110 headset

In this case, it depends a lot on your profile. There are people who prefer wireless headphones because,

even though they are heavier and need to be recharged from time to time, they give you more mobility and take the risk of you curling or dropping the phone on the floor.

In the case of wired headsets, they have the advantage of the fact that it is not necessary to charge them and the risk of audio interference being practically zero, it can irritate a lot those who do not like to deal with wiring.


This is one of the most important points for two reasons: 1) it depends a lot on your preferences 2) it is a decisive factor for the choice, because it is unfeasible (or, at least, very uncomfortable) to spend hours with something that bothers you.

To prevent this match from going bad, the best tip is to choose headsets with materials

lightweight, such as foams, fabrics and synthetic leather. This more “cute” material needs

being placed both around the ear and at the base of the earpiece is in contact with the head, in addition to having the flexibility for you to adjust the earpiece wider or more attached to your body.

Finally, it is very important to evaluate the weight of the headset, so that it does not cause stiff necks or the like. The tip is: look for the largest possible number of reviews of the models you prefer and, if you buy online and see that the product is not what you thought, return it within seven days to be entitled to the full amount and go to next headset eu was on the list.


This is one of the most diversified items over the years: in addition to the most common model, the microphone attached to the headphone, now there are already detachable and even retractable models. Of course, the price varies according to the sophistication of the device, but the options are already there.

If you like to play in teams, it is worth considering a headset with a noise canceling option, so that your voice comes out clearer and with less ambient sound.

If your goal is to become a streamer, it is important to mention that these microphones are not as good as those of a professional device. But it can become a viable option for those who want to test their talents: besides, nothing prevents you from buying a separate microphone if your gameplay career goes well.

Surround or stereo?

Surround headsets are characterized by offering a more immersive audio experience to the game, especially in games in which spatial location is relevant, such as shooting games.

The stereo model also offers a good experience, but it only has two speakers, while the surround headset usually offers at least five channels. On the other hand, headsets equipped only with stereo sound cost less than the surround models.

The cheapest place to find a headset is at. Options for all tastes that can be made even cheaper with a discount coupon.

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